Weekly links for 3/20.

Here are the links for this week:

  • Songr This is the best thing I’ve found in a while! This will convert Youtube videos to mp3, but not only that, find mp3’s for you. It’s very, very fast! I had a youtube video playing at the exact same time it was downloading the exact same video, and it was done in a couple seconds. This is desktop software, not a website. the URL takes you straight to the download link.
  • RIAA and ISPs to police your traffic this summer, from arstechnica.com Uh… it’s hilarious that I’m linking to this right after something that downloads songs for you, but yeah.
  • Blocking WikiLeaks emails trips up Bradley Manning prosecution, from politico.com. Lol… seriously? I guess they’re so focused on blocking anything that has to do with Wikileaks that they don’t want to receive evidence that may or may not help their case. This is why filtering certain words just doesn’t work!

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