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Happy early birthday to my dad!

Dad’s birthday is tomorrow, but we celebrated it tonight by going to dinner. we met mom and my sister at the olive garden, they were coming from Portland. We didn’t have to wait to be seeded at all, which usually never happens! It didn’t take as long as usual either, usually it takes an hour to order, and an hour to get the food. The whole trip took about 3 and a half hours, and 2 and a half hours of that was driving. I did go to church early this morning, and I really enjoyed it! I actually like going to church that early.


I’m going with my friend who’s on worship team to church at 7:15 tomorrow morning. I actually don’t mind going to church around that time, and I enjoy being there for the practice. My friend and her boyfriend did me a favor today, they picked up a card for dad while they were at WalMart. I wasn’t sure when I was going to be able to get one, because I have to be at church early, I probably won’t stay both services, although there’s a chance I might have to. Then dad and I will be leaving to meet mom and my sister for dinner of course.

It’s Friday!

Not too much went on here today. I just discovered that I only have one working speaker though, and I’ve only had these things for about 4 months! Uh… I might be taking a trip to staples sometime next week, this isn’t exactly how I want things to work. I had a weird dream last night! It’s around this time of year, that I start dreaming about Blogathon,(don’t ask me why!) So I actually dreamt I did 2 Blogathons in less than a month. I don’t think I’d ever do that… well unless someone challenges me to it, and I really don’t think I’d like to stay up 24 hours twice in the span of like 3 weeks. Mom called me today, to tell me what the plans for dad’s birthday are, actually it’s the night before. We’re going to Olive Garden to celebrate! Mom and my sister will be in Portland this weekend with the baby, and dad and I, and maybe my sister’s boyfriend will meet them at Olive Garden , the nearest one is about an hour and 15 minutes from here, give or take 15 minutes.

CISPA passes 248 to 168.

The Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection act, (CISPA,) passed the house today. There were 248 yes votes to 168 no votes. The hearings were live streamed, but I didn’t find the stream until the very end, whejn they were voting. Here are some CISPA links:

Answering a question, and other stuff.

I now have air conditioning! Of course, it decided to rain today, but it was still warm in here this morning. What cancelled tv show do you wish they’d bring back? I really enjoyed watching the West Wing, I kind of wish they’d bring that one back. I did miss a lot of it while I was at the school for the blind though. It was the year after I graduated from OSB that West Wing was canceled. Via that’s my answer

Weekly links for 4/24.

3 fairly useful links and a fun one this week.

  • JPEGmini OK, this is supposed to compress photos so they aren’t so big… the question is why didn’t I remember this while trying to send the baby pictures to mom a couple weeks ago? I ended up having to send 3 emails with 2 pictures each!
  • Propagated Yet? DNS Propagation notifier. OK, so when you buy a new domain you have to wait for everything to resolve and it can take anywhere from 24 to 72 hours, (usually, it’s about 24 hours in my experience.) this is supposed to tell you if the domain has resolved yet.
  • My Fitness Pal This is what I’m using to track my intake and exercise for my challenge thingy.
  • Dewey’s 24 Hour Read-a-Thon I found out about this last weekend! This happens twice a year, in April and October. Although I’m not sure if I could maintain the concentration to read for the better part of 24 hours, (um… especially near the end!) I could however sign up to cheerlead. People sign up, then on the day of the event they blog every so often, (there isn’t really any structure, it could be every hour, or every 8 hours,) what books they’re reading, how they liked the last book they finished etc.

Yeah, that was a long explanation! I was going to leave it in the middle but I thought I better explain how the thing works.

today at healing rooms, and other stuff.

I sat in for my friend as a proxy today. We had someone do this last week, so I decided to do it this time. The people who were going to be praying for her ghought she was my mom, (lol, we get that a lot!) Usually that happens in restaurants when we go out to lunch, or stores like RiteAid, but it was kind of weird that they thought that because it was completely random, and she wasn’t even there. I’m not sure how many people we prayed for altogether today, but I was on a team that prayed for 2 people. In other news, completely unrelated to pretty much anything, I think I’m starting to get used to the new blogger interface. I definitely don’t hate it, although there are a couple of things that used to work that don’t, (um… comment replies!) but then again I don’t love it either. It’s just like OK, they changed the interface so what? Yay it mostly works, OK cool whatever.


Not a whole lot went on today, except for the fact that I’ve had a headache all day. It’s probably the heat, to go from raining last week to really warm this weekend is a bit weird. I did go to church with my friend today, she just came and rang my bell without calling me. After the service was over, we both got prayer. I got prayer for family issues, and she got prayer for several things. I think things with mom are going to be OK afterall. I called her, and we actually did talk for a few minutes, which is better than yesterday.

Wow, is it summer already?

In other words, where did our spring go? OK so its spring according to the date, but the temperature here is around 80! I’m sitting here in shorts right now, and I had to bring the fan from the bedroom out. I don’t have my AC in yet, because it involves putting boards in the window a certain way, so everything doesn’t fall out, and I’m not exactly sure how to do it, (I should probably have my friend show me next time she comes.) It’s supposed to be nice like this today and tomorrow though, then it’s supposed to rain and get back down to like 60, so I might want to wait on the AC until next month. Obviously after everything is in the window, the window has to stay open a little bit, and we don’t want it to rain inside my apartment! What usually happens for me, is heat tends to want to stay in here when it first gets warm. Yesterday it was also close to 80, but it wasn’t that bad in here until the afternoon. It’s been really warm in here all day today, and I didn’t have to turn up the heat in the morning at all like I have been.

Follow Friday Four Fill In Fun Blog Hop.

Something fun for a Friday, because it’s something different. Here are this week’s statements: 1. I always forget___ 2. I never __without___ 3. Recently I started to _____, and it has helped tremendously! 4. If I had to find a date, the last place I would look for one is _______. Here are my answers: 1. I always forget to pay the bills that are due at the end of the month. I do have a couple such bills that are due on the last day of each month, and they usually end up being a few days late because I don’t remember to pay them, although I’m getting better at that. 2. I never eat peanut butter without chocolate. 3. Recently I started to make to-do lists, and it has helped tremendously! I’m remembering to do more things, yeah… including paying those bills, (lol!) I just started making the lists a couple months ago, and I find I get things done that I’ve been putting off for years. 4. If I had to find a date, the last place I would look for one is a bar, but specifically a strip club! Yeah, I can’t believe I just said that, now I’m going to get weird searches for this blog… but it’s true! Just a quick update on my challenge thingy, my friend weighed me a couple days ago, and I lost a pound! Yeah I know a pound isn’t that much, but I was afraid I wasn’t going to loos anything.