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Today didn’t start off very well…

First of all, I didn’t get up early enough to live stream the British supreme court hearings. I did however read tweets for about 20 minutes to a half hour at the most, then went back to bed. We, (Wikileaks,) ended up losing the appeal. As of yet I haven’t found a video of the hearing in it’s entirety, but I do have a couple links to articles. Julian Assange loses appeal against extradition, from
Julian Assange Loses Extradition Appeal, from
Not only did he loos, Assange wasn’t there because… get this… he was stuck in traffic! I don’t think it would be a whole lot of fun to have to learn your fate in a legal case while driving! I just can’t imagine having to experience that! I believe this is the only time, in almost a year and a half, that he hasn’t been able to be there for a hearing. The court did give the lawyers 14 days to ask them to reopen the case based on what I would call a technicality, but the links explain it way better than I could right now with a headache.

I lead at healing rooms tonight.

I wasn’t really looking forward to leading for my first time at healing rooms, but tonight was the night because there were only 2 of us. I lead once, and the guy lead a second time. Yeah, things are sort of broken, I’m having trouble with Tumblr’s HTML editor. The HTML sits above the form, but you have to navigate through the HTML to get it to fill the form. It only puts a few lines in at a time though, so I ended up putting my statcounter code in the wrong place! I think that’s causing disqus to break! I’ll be getting up very early tomorrow morning! I’ve been a Wikileaks supporter since Dec 2010, and I’ve been up for all the founder’s extradition hearings. Tomorrow’s the final one, the UK supreme court ruling on whether he has to go to Sweden or not.

Basic 20 questions about me survey.

I just realized that I really don’t have an introduction here on the blog, other than the 100 things about me list, (which is long!) So I used to create this basic set of questions that I answered. I’ll make this a page for anyone who wants to look at it, there’s a link in my results to take the survey if you want!

Basic 20 Questions About You

Name?: Noelle
Age?: 28
Gender?: Female
Hair color?: Brown
Eye color?: Brown
Height?: 5/5
Weight?: Somewhere around 160, and that’s all you’re getting!
Favorite food?: Let’s see… Chocolate, cheese, pizza, Chinees, Mexican, Italian, anything sweet, anything spicy, most any kind of chips and/or crackers.
Least favorite food?: I dislike a lot of weird things… Pie is one of them, but it probably isn’t my least favorite. Any sweet stuff with fruit filling definitely qualifies though, strawberry shortcake is a good example. I do love chocolate covered strawberries and chocolate covered bananas though!
Favorite drink?: Well, that’s definitely Pepsi or Coke, but since I don’t keep that stuff in the house so as not to drink it often, I’d have to go with either tea or PowerAid.
Least favorite drink?: Beer! Yeah, I don’t like beer, and I never have.
Favorite music?: Country and Christian.
Least favorite music?: Rap, heavy metal, and most Opera.
Favorite TV show?: NCIS, NCIS: LA, Criminal Minds, Surviver, Amazing Race, Dateline, 48 hours mysteries, 60 minutes, AGT, (America’s Got Talent.) I used to be a big CNN fan, but I think I’m getting away from that now.
Least favorite show?: I’m not a huge fan of the CSI franchise, I like NCIS better.
Do you attend church?: Yeah I do, almost every Sunday, and on Monday’s to pray for people!
Do you work, or go to school?: Not at the moment.
Are you married, or in a relationship?: Not yet, never have been. Definitely want to be someday!
What do you do for fun?: Surf the web, sing, dance, (which mostly consists of doing an interesting form of the twists.)
Do you have a blog? If so, give us a link!: I have two blogs! is my personal blog, and is my linkblog!

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Survey found on Bzoink


I guess switching to tumblr from blogger means I have to learn not to forget to post all over again! I started the blog 365 thing last year, and got into the habit of blogging every day without forgetting, but I guess the “not forgetting” part has gone out the window for now. We only had 6 team members show up to church for healing rooms today. It was good that we were short on people, because we only had two prayer seekers come in. For those who might not know, I go every Monday, and now Tuesday nights, (with the hope of switching just to Tuesday nights,) to pray for people at my church. The Tuesday night one isn’t at my church though… it’s in a chiropractic office. I didn’t really want to go today because it was a holiday, and we didn’t have that many people come for exactly that reason. I went to have dinner with my family about 4 hours after I got back from church. My sister, her boyfriend, and my niece, (who’s about 7 weeks old,) were there. Mom made fried chicken, potato salad, and we had watermelon! I got to bring some home, so I’ll be having leftovers for lunch tomorrow!

Church was fun today.

We had our memorial day service at church today. We got to have a barbecue after the service. My friend, her husband, and I all stayed for the barbecue. I don’t usually get to go to these kind of things, so it was fun. I’ll be going to have dinner with family tomorrow, mom’s making fried chicken! Unfortunately I have to go to healing rooms tomorrow. I wish they wouldn’t have it on holidays, but since I didn’t really have any plans until today, I couldn’t justify taking it off. I finally got the 100 Things about me page switched over to Tumblr. Tumblr has a weird way of handling ordered HTML lists, so I put it into word and listed it that way. Yesterday I wrote A list of alternatives to Google services on my linkblog. I think I’m going to make it a page for any would-be switchers.

church tomorrow, and feedburner hijinks.

My friend who helps lead worship will be taking me to church tomorrow, but she isn’t on the worship team, (that I know of.) We’re having one service tomorrow, which is our memorial day service. I’m having all sorts of problems with Feedburner! First it decides not to update, then it decides not to redirect the RSS feed, (although that could be Tumblr or something I’m doing wrong.) It’s safe to say I don’t really like Feedburner, but there isn’t a decent, (free alternative.) Yeah, there are services that have free plans, (but they’ll only let you have one feed, or it’s under a certain amount of subscribers.) I managed to change my Facebook email address, the email address of my daily bible reading service, and one of my Tumblr accounts over to hotmail. I’m not sure what I’m going to do for the email address with this tumblr account though, because they’ll only let you use one account per email address. I really don’t want to keep a Gmail or Google apps account around if I don’t have to, so maybe I’ll use an old hotmail or address and just forward it over to my main hotmail address, (if you can do that for free.) There’s a way to edit the tumblr HTML to redirect the RSS feed manually, but I haven’t managed to do that yet.

I signed up for Hotmail.

I decided to sign up for Hotmail today, with the goal of eventually being able to delete my Google account. It feels a bit weird using Hotmail, because it used to be one of those things that if you use it, people either think you’re a spammer or they don’t take you that seriously. I guess it could be worse, and I could be using AOL, but I’m glad I’m not! I actually don’t mind the web interface of Hotmail, it takes some getting used to after using Gmail for 5 years now, but I think I’ll get used to it fairly soon. For now, I just forwarded my Gmail address to my Hotmail address, but I do intend to delete the account eventually. I think I’m going to end up changing the email addresses I used to sign up for both of the Tumblr accounts to my hotmail address. I really don’t want to have to use Google apps FYD if I don’t have to!

Things I stil have left to do.

I still need to work on the blog a little bit. I need to work on switching the pages over, and importing posts. I should probably install something for comments, (because Tumblr doesn’t support comments natively.) I was actually going to work on all this stuff today, but I’ve had a really bad headache all day. One thing I don’t need to fix is my theme, which is the minimal theme that I’m also using on my linkblog. The theme really does handle all types of posts well. I have a chiropractor appointment tomorrow, but I intend to work on this stuff too.

I’ve switched to Tumblr.

I’ve pointed my domain over to tumblr, (it took like 5 seconds, and worked right after I pointed it!) So, here’s the address of my new blog: the RSS feed is right here. I’ve tried to have Blogger switch this over to a blogspot blog, but it kind of wasn’t working when I was trying to switch it. I plan to leave this blog up for a while, while I import some of the posts, (but not all 846,) then I think I’m going to delete it. As of now this is my last post here, and I’ll continue my daily blogging on Tumblr.


Well let’s see… there are several things. Praying, singing, and talking to friends are just three of the things that make me feel better when I’m stressed, worried or in a bad mood. Others are dancing and watchint TV, (particularly reality shows.)