My personal blog is now on tumblr!

Until I get pointing to the right place, this is the address for my blog: I’m hoping to do the domain pointing stuff either real quick-like before I leave for the evening healing rooms, or maybe I’ll do it after I get back. I was having problems creating a second Tumblr account earlier, … [Read more…]

Yep I did…

Get so wrapped up in posting links and doing other things that I actually just realized I forgot to post here! Tomorrow will be “switch to tumblr” day, and evening healing rooms are happening tomorrow night. Oh yeah, guess what? I get to do all that fun domain pointing stuff again just like I did … [Read more…]


I’ve had a headache all day today, so I haven’t really done much. I think next week, I’ll start the process of switching the blog to tumblr. I’m just hoping the process won’t take too long, but you never know I guess.

Finally! We have domains!

I decided that today would be the day I registered and! I used Hover as my domain registrar, for various reasons, the main one being that they didn’t support SOPA and PIPA, and acording to their tweets, they don’t support CISPA either. Not only that, the interface is definitely easier to work with … [Read more…]

Today and tomorrow.

I prayed for one person in the healing rooms today, we had to go to lunch afterwards for our monthly meeting. Tomorrow night we’ll be going to the place where the evening healing room will be happening. Tomorrow night is just a test run, but next week we’ll actually be ready to have people come. … [Read more…]