Today was long and strange.

We watched that Terraforming DVD today at healing rooms. The first thing I notice, (and the guy who brings me noticed it too,) was that there were very few references to scripture. I think they only quoted scripture like twice, maybe 3 times. OK, so maybe they don’t have to recite verses every 30 seconds, but I expect them to back up what they’re saying with biblical references, and they didn’t really do that. When they did quote scripture, they didn’t read it or anything, just gave the address. They talked about “the light of Jesus,” almost as though it’s a separate being. Before we start our prayers, we are to “welcome or “call forth” the light.” Of course they talked about “matter has memory,” and that if a person who’s always tired sits in a chair, a spirit of fatigue rubs off on the chair. The lady on the DVD said every time she sat in that chair she fell asleep, because “the chair remembers the spirit.” So I asked this question at the end, “If matter isn’t living, then how does it have memory?” The director’s wife blurted out, “I don’t know, but it does.” Other answers were, “how did Jesus walk on water, and how does a memory pillow keep its form?” There are parts of this that are actually somewhat OK, the parts about forgiving people from the past, and even past generations who have hurt you or your family. The rest of it though, sounds like a combination of Christianity and New Ageism thrown together. In other news unrelated to Terraforming, and yet somewhat related, we have a building for an evening healing room! I’m hoping to eventually switch away from Monday mornings. The evening healing room will have different leaders, so I’m hoping there won’t be as much of a focus on this as there is in the daytime one. The guy that will be leading the evening one has some of the same reservations as both of us. I didn’t even get into the stuff about “daily bread,” that we’re supposed to pray and ask for revelations that we have to take care of that day… and that’s supposed to be our daily bread. I also didn’t get into the fact that the director’s wife brought up NASA and science fiction at the end of the DVD… yeah, way to do things if you actually want people to believe you! Even she isn’t sure if this is going to work or not, on the way out she said “it’s going to take a lot of practice, but we’ll see.” I really do enjoy praying for people in the healing rooms, but the direction they’re going in right now has about 2 or 3 of us, (that I know of,) worried. When it comes down to it, healing rooms is all about praying for people who want prayer, I’m not really sure why the director and his wife are complicating it with all this other stuff.

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