Some things might be broken…

So I was able to get and set up, with help from Hover. Actually, I emailed asking them if there was a different way to point a domain to Blogger, and the person ended up doing it for me! If you’re following with friend connect you shouldn’t have a problem, but if you’re subscribed with RSS things are probably breaking right now. I took a quick look at the blog earlier today, and I noticed some of the widgets are broken. This tends to happen while switching from blogspot for some weird reason; I know it happened to me last year when I did it the first time. For now will redirect to Yeah, you have to use www because of Blogger’s ridiculous way of handling custom domains! They require a subdomain to be used, not what they call a “naked domain.” Personally, having only had to deal with CNAME records etc. a couple times, I think it’s ridiculous that they think they have to make it so hard! I pointed to tumblr today with just a simple IP address, OK I forgot to delete something that I didn’t realize didn’t need to be in my DNS records. DNS stands for Domain Name System,) and it’s what looks up the addresses of sites when you enter a domain, so that we don’t have to type in a long string of numbers to get to a site. Of course it’s a lot more complex than that, but that’s an extremely simplified explanation of DNS. So anyway, my registrar actually went in and deleted the extra IP address that was in my DNS records for, then they set up using a CNAME record, (it’s what blogger requires, please don’t ask me to explain it right now,) to point the domain to blogger. You can either use, (replace with the domain of your choice… of course!) Or, but you have to use a subdomain. With tumblr it was just like add this IP address to your DNS and be done, it took me like 5 seconds to add. With blogger it was harder because I thought there might be an easier way to do it, but there wasn’t. That’s a really long way of saying yeah, things are probably still broken, and yeah, pointing domains is fun when it’s easy, but I’m still a clutz with DNS!

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