I signed up for Hotmail.

I decided to sign up for Hotmail today, with the goal of eventually being able to delete my Google account. It feels a bit weird using Hotmail, because it used to be one of those things that if you use it, people either think you’re a spammer or they don’t take you that seriously. I guess it could be worse, and I could be using AOL, but I’m glad I’m not! I actually don’t mind the web interface of Hotmail, it takes some getting used to after using Gmail for 5 years now, but I think I’ll get used to it fairly soon. For now, I just forwarded my Gmail address to my Hotmail address, but I do intend to delete the account eventually. I think I’m going to end up changing the email addresses I used to sign up for both of the Tumblr accounts to my hotmail address. I really don’t want to have to use Google apps FYD if I don’t have to!

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