Basic 20 questions about me survey.

I just realized that I really don’t have an introduction here on the blog, other than the 100 things about me list, (which is long!) So I used to create this basic set of questions that I answered. I’ll make this a page for anyone who wants to look at it, there’s a link in my results to take the survey if you want!

Basic 20 Questions About You

Name?: Noelle
Age?: 28
Gender?: Female
Hair color?: Brown
Eye color?: Brown
Height?: 5/5
Weight?: Somewhere around 160, and that’s all you’re getting!
Favorite food?: Let’s see… Chocolate, cheese, pizza, Chinees, Mexican, Italian, anything sweet, anything spicy, most any kind of chips and/or crackers.
Least favorite food?: I dislike a lot of weird things… Pie is one of them, but it probably isn’t my least favorite. Any sweet stuff with fruit filling definitely qualifies though, strawberry shortcake is a good example. I do love chocolate covered strawberries and chocolate covered bananas though!
Favorite drink?: Well, that’s definitely Pepsi or Coke, but since I don’t keep that stuff in the house so as not to drink it often, I’d have to go with either tea or PowerAid.
Least favorite drink?: Beer! Yeah, I don’t like beer, and I never have.
Favorite music?: Country and Christian.
Least favorite music?: Rap, heavy metal, and most Opera.
Favorite TV show?: NCIS, NCIS: LA, Criminal Minds, Surviver, Amazing Race, Dateline, 48 hours mysteries, 60 minutes, AGT, (America’s Got Talent.) I used to be a big CNN fan, but I think I’m getting away from that now.
Least favorite show?: I’m not a huge fan of the CSI franchise, I like NCIS better.
Do you attend church?: Yeah I do, almost every Sunday, and on Monday’s to pray for people!
Do you work, or go to school?: Not at the moment.
Are you married, or in a relationship?: Not yet, never have been. Definitely want to be someday!
What do you do for fun?: Surf the web, sing, dance, (which mostly consists of doing an interesting form of the twists.)
Do you have a blog? If so, give us a link!: I have two blogs! is my personal blog, and is my linkblog!

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