I guess switching to tumblr from blogger means I have to learn not to forget to post all over again! I started the blog 365 thing last year, and got into the habit of blogging every day without forgetting, but I guess the “not forgetting” part has gone out the window for now. We only had 6 team members show up to church for healing rooms today. It was good that we were short on people, because we only had two prayer seekers come in. For those who might not know, I go every Monday, and now Tuesday nights, (with the hope of switching just to Tuesday nights,) to pray for people at my church. The Tuesday night one isn’t at my church though… it’s in a chiropractic office. I didn’t really want to go today because it was a holiday, and we didn’t have that many people come for exactly that reason. I went to have dinner with my family about 4 hours after I got back from church. My sister, her boyfriend, and my niece, (who’s about 7 weeks old,) were there. Mom made fried chicken, potato salad, and we had watermelon! I got to bring some home, so I’ll be having leftovers for lunch tomorrow!

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