Lots to do today.

Well, I think I’ll do better at writing this post in list form, so here it goes! First of all, Phelan is doing blogathon today for Companions for heros, A charity that trains shelter dogs and gives them to military veterans. I managed to send her some qquestions from the huge and ever-growing, almost 1600 … [Read more…]

Stuff happened yesterday.

except not a whole lot of stuff, because I did have a headache. I did go to WalMart with my friend yesterday morning, and I think I got everything I needed for now. I didn’t end up going to the dinner with my other friend last night, because well… headache. I couldn’t really avoid going … [Read more…]

The Friday list.

That’s what I’m thinking of calling my weekly newsletter thing, but I could of course call it something else if anyone has any suggestions! Oh… so you actually thought I was going to make a list huh? Well I’m not in the position to disappoint anyone, so here it is if you want it! My … [Read more…]


OK, so we know I can’t stick to the schedule, or at least I didn’t today. I didn’t get up as early as I wanted to today, then my friend came like 3 hours later. After my friend left I ended up falling asleep for a while. Then I woke up, and now I’m posting … [Read more…]

Happy Father’s day.

I just want to take the moment to wish anyone reading, (if there are dads reading,) a happy Father’s Day! Today was good, because it was also my sister’s birthday! So we had a Father’s Day and birthday dinner at my parent’s house tonight, complete with birthday cake! There were actually 2 cakes, because my … [Read more…]

Answering a question.

How often do you clean out your wallet or purse? Are there lots of receipts and other bits and pieces that could do with throwing out? Probably once or twice a year, so a lot of receipts just accumulate in there without needing to be there. Sometimes other stuff gets in there, I know I … [Read more…]

Didn’t do much today.

today Apple started it’s yearly developer’s conference with the keynote, (as they always do.) I watched Twit Live’s live coverage. After the keynote was over, (it started at 10, and didn’t get over until 12!) I ate lunch, and Mark and I got on skype. After that I watched TNT, (Tech News Today,) and ended … [Read more…]