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Yeah, I forgot to post last night! After the convention was over, I stepped away and didn’t really end up coming back to the desk. Yay for being distracted I guess! Last night was kind of interesting, I saw a couple of the best convention speeches I’ve seen in a while, and well… a couple of the worst ones too. I could probably do a really long post on why some of the speeches are good, and some are bad, but what makes a good convention speech and what makes a bad one is entirely subjective. One weird thing with this convention though, is that the sessions are so short. It didn’t start until 4 yesterday, and got over around 8, and it will start at 4:30 today, and probably get over around 8:30. Yeah, those are 4 hour sessions, but on Tuesday, the thing started at 11 AM here, and went until like 8 PM.

Yay for the convention!

First of all, I ended up going to have my lab tests taken today. Secondly, the convention started today! They did the roll call of states today, which is like my favorite part of the convention! I have to say, however, that CNN’s convention coverage this year is definitely worse than it’s ever been! Normally, they carry a lot of the activities on the floor, but not today. The first time they went to the florr wasn’t until the roll call of states! I’m extremely thankful for live streams! Although I was having problems with the streams at first for some reason, I’m not sure why. Oh yeah, I’ll be doing the exact same thing next week.

today at healing rooms and other stuff.

I ended up praying for 2 people at healing rooms today. After I got home, I called my friend to see if she was going to be able to take me to go have lab tests done today. There was a change of plans, (so she wasn’t,) but we’ll do that on Wednesday. I ended up getting on Skype on my phone today, I also installed the AudioBoo app so I could record. It took a long time to actually figure out where the app was, because searching for it well… didn’t exactly help matters. I ended up searching for it on the computer, sending myself a direct message with the link in it, and opening it on the phone. After I went through the usual password-related issues, I was able to install it and use it to record that test post.

Testing from the phone

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I actually didn’t do much today, I did go to church this morning though. I set my alarm for 6 this morning, and didn’t get up until 7:30! I had about a half hour before I had to leave to catch the bus! I wasn’t late though, so I didn’t miss it. Tomorrow the convention starts, although it’s not going to do much but come to order, then recess until the next day, because of a tropical storm. I’m very much looking forward to the conventions, as I do every 4 years.

I think I finally learned how to use Safari!

We’re back from BestBuy, I’m posting from the phone, using the keyboard my parent’s got me for my birthday! I ended up checking email, replying to Facebook posts, and tweeting while I was in the car riding home! I’d have to say that it was one of the most fun long-distance car trips I’ve taken in a while!

I turn 29 today!

Yep, today’s my birthday! We’ll be leaving in a couple hours to take our trip to BestBuy and Red lobster. Lol, my friend Mark sent me this hilarious song early this morning:
There’s also this song I like, and it answers this question from a couple months ago. I don’t always live up to the song but I try.
Nothing much else to say, other than I’m 99% sure I’ll be at church tomorrow morning, that is unless my parent’s have something up their sleeves that I absolutely didn’t know about. I don’t think this will happen though, because we would have probably left earlier if they were planning to execute some sort of surprise. OK, I think it’s time to hit publish so that I can do some other stuff, (including the twists,) and get ready to leave.

The birthday boo!

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Last night, today, and tomorrow.

I ended up waking up at like 3 this morning with a strange case of indigestion, and I stayed up for like an hour. I didn’t get up until like 9 this morning. For some strange reason, I dreamt that my mom ended up going to Sweden, I called her a couple times while she was there, (once while I was grocery shopping,) but it was too expensivve to keep calling Sweden, so I had to stop. Today I didn’t do a whole lot, (I just managed to send out the newsletter!) This morning began with the meeting of the Organization of American States, (in response to the UK Ecuador situation,) and ended with a verdict in the Apple Samsung patent trial.
I guess we’re leaving around 12 or 12:30 tomorrow to go up to BestBuy. My sister is going, and my dad will meet us up there, (he has to work.) We’re going to eat dinner while we’re up there, at Red Lobster! I’m not sure what we’re going to do between going to BestBuy and eating, but with mom and my sister going, it will probably end up being things I don’t really want to do.

It’s official!

We’re going to BestBuy on Saturday, at least as far as I know. Mom has the baby all day tomorrow, because my sister’s working. I think it’s just mom and I going to BestBuy, but I’m not quite sure. Dad might come too, but then again maybe he’ll be at work.