A sort of ordinary Sunday.

My first title was going to be… they led with that? Then I decided that it probably was in fact a slow news day, thus causing CBS news to lead with the Wikileaks founder’s statement that was made this morning on a balcony near the embacy that somehow still manages to be sovereign Ecuadorian territory, (I’m not sure how that works.) Why they led with that I’m not sure, they never usually lead with that stuff. That came on at the same time I was talking to my friend, so I decided to call her back so I wouldn’t be so distracted, (uh… otherwise known as not saying anything,) while I was on the phone. Church went well this morning, it was one of those services where the team that just got back from India shared what they did and what they learned while they were there. I seriously thought I was going to miss the bus, things kind of fell apart after the statement this morning, and I spent too much time looking at tweets and email, and not enough time keeping track of time, eating, and getting ready. The rest of the day, (after church,) was pretty uneventful.

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