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Happy birthday mom!

Today just happens to be mom’s birthday! My sister and her boyfriend took her to lunch, and dad and I ended up taking her to dinner, (apparently dad made plans but decided not to tell any of us what they were when he made them.) When I called mom to ask if we were going somewhere she said she didn’t know, and dad was at work so I couldn’t call him until later, (apparently he doesn’t have service where he’s working right now.) Obviously I knew we were going to do something at some point, so I was prepared as in had a card and such ready, but I wasn’t sure if it was going to be today or not. Our family does this thing sometimes where we might not be able to celebrate things on the exact date they happen, so the celebration happens somewhere around that time.

Answering a question.

Are you tired? Not really, I usually don’t go to bed until 11 on Friday nights. Sometimes I’ll go to bed earlier, but only if I fall asleep while watching dateline, then I’ll wake up and go to bed. Via that’s my answerI’ll be sending the newsletter out sometime tomorrow. Hopefully it won’t involve any crashes while I’m putting it together, because that definitely holds up the process.

I’m thankful for Youtube and Reddit right now!

So apparently sometime sometime between yesterday and last night, when I wasn’t paying attention to a certain list on twitter, the wikileaks founder delivered a speech to a sideline meeting at the UN general assembly. I missed the speech, and didn’t even know it was happening. Usually I try to catch these things whie they’re going on, but I didn’t this time. When I looked and couldn’t find video of it though, I was starting to be a bit annoyed. Then I realized that Reddit would likely have it, and they did!

My Internet is working today.

I didn’t have the same issues today as I had yesterday. That’s probably a good thing, because I really didn’t want to have to call my ISP and ask why my internet was going out at completely random periods of time. I was able to get to my bank site this morning and pay my ISP bill, something I haven’t been able to do for a while, so that’s a good thing. It took clearing the cache for that to work, yeah I know people say that all the time, so it’s become kind of cliché, but it actually did work after I deleted everything and didn’t work beforehand.

Strange things happened here today.

A lot of strange things happened here today. My internet kept going out at completely random periods of time for a completely unknown reason, (I still have no idea why this was happening.) It was annoying at first, then it was a bit hilarious, (but don’t ever laugh about your internet going out in public because that’s a very bad thing to do!) Then it kept happening like every 5 minutes for a while, I’ve had internet non-stop for about 6 hours now. Oh yeah, I talked to mom and asked her if she got her Office 2007 files to open in Office 2003 yet, and she said she hadn’t tried as of this morning. She still had to take the computer that’s having hard drive failure to my sister’s work, (a guy who works with my sister is going to be fixing it.)

Because strangeness is ensuing here!

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Yay for Office 2003!

Not for me, because I have Office 2010 on this system. Mom called me this morning to ask if I had an office disc, I wasn’t sure at first, then I realized I probably did have an Office 2003 disc. Office 2003 won’t open mom’s office 2007 documents on it’s own though, (there’s a plugin you have to downloadd and install to make it work.) Unfortunately I didn’t remember this before tweeting that trying to get mom to understand that the 2 don’t work together isn’t so easy. Of course after I tweeted that, I got replies saying that there’s this plugin you have to download, then I was like oh yeah… I remember hearing about that somewhere, at some time, (but I’ve never had to use it.) I called mom later to ask if she found the disc, (she decided to see what she had before coming over here,) and she said she has Office 2003 on the 8 year old system she’s going to be using until she gets her’s fixed. I sent her the link to the plugin, so hopefully she can open her documents now! Trust me, having a family member go through hard drive failure isn’t fun!

I missed the bus today.

Well, that is if that was the bus driving away as I was running downstairs to meet them, then yeah I missed it. I’m fairly sure it was, because they didn’t show up after that. I decided not to leave to late so I wouldn’t have to stand out there for 20 minutes, but I ended up waiting there for 20 minutes anyway! I did manage to live stream the service, which started out not very good for some reason, (as in bad audio quality.) Although the stream usually isn’t that great in the first place, everything was clipping like crazy all of a sudden!

The really big crash!

I was putting together my weekly newsletter around 10:30 this morning, and everything decided to flinch bigtime for some reason. I still don’t know why, but I wasn’t able to get back up and running for like an hour afterwards. The service I use is TinyLetter, and I’m really not sure what caused the crash. I was using TinyLetter in Firefox, because they don’t support IE yet. Not even an hour after I got back up and running, mom called me and told me her hard drive failed. Her system is 3 years old, so I got to give the lecture back to me that she always gives to me every 3 years. I didn’t send out the newsletter until around 5 this evening, because to be honest, I didn’t want a second crash to happen.

I wasn’t ready.

I should probably change the name of my newsletter to the weekend list or something like that. I didn’t have enough links ready to post today, so I’ll be sending it out sometime tomorrow. That is if TinyLetter decides to send it out, but if they don’t there’s still the archives. I think I have most of the links from the linkblog together inside the folder, now I just have to get the ones from here together.