I just wasn’t meant to go to the doctor today!

So I needed to call and reschedule my doctor’s appointment today, because my friend couldn’t take me. I actually didn’t have to reschedule, because right around 9 this morning, they called me! It’s always weird when my landline rings, (it seems to love to ring either in the middle or right at the beginning of convention sessions, for instance.) It was even weirder when there was a person from my doctor’s office on the other end, because before that I was just thinking I really needed to call them! Don’t ask about the convention calls thing… I have no idea! Last week, just before the big speech, I got a call from the automated reminder service from the doctor’s office reminding me that my appointment was today, (5 days ahead of time!) Today, just as the session started, I got a call reminding me that my prescriptions were ready! Uh… yeah they’re ready, because the pharmacy was closed yesterday.

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