Yay for Office 2003!

Not for me, because I have Office 2010 on this system. Mom called me this morning to ask if I had an office disc, I wasn’t sure at first, then I realized I probably did have an Office 2003 disc. Office 2003 won’t open mom’s office 2007 documents on it’s own though, (there’s a plugin you have to downloadd and install to make it work.) Unfortunately I didn’t remember this before tweeting that trying to get mom to understand that the 2 don’t work together isn’t so easy. Of course after I tweeted that, I got replies saying that there’s this plugin you have to download, then I was like oh yeah… I remember hearing about that somewhere, at some time, (but I’ve never had to use it.) I called mom later to ask if she found the disc, (she decided to see what she had before coming over here,) and she said she has Office 2003 on the 8 year old system she’s going to be using until she gets her’s fixed. I sent her the link to the plugin, so hopefully she can open her documents now! Trust me, having a family member go through hard drive failure isn’t fun!

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