I think my bank hates me!

OK, so before I do anything, I usually always check my account, no matter what it is. When I checked my account today and found that the transactions I made yesterday hadn’t gone through yet. Usually if it’s a weekday, these things go through right away, not only that, these transactions were for CenturyLink, a company that I’ve been affiliated with for years now. In order to explain why there were 2 transactions, I have to say that we now pay our verizon bill through there, (CenturyLink does a partnership thing with Verizon.) So I paid the verizon bill, then paid my own bill, it’s 2 separate accounts so it was 2 transactions. I thought there must have been an error on my part or something, because they hadn’t been debited from my account yet. This whole problem was exacerbated when I picked today to do something I’ve actually been thinking about doing again for 2 or 3 weeks now, donating to wikileaks. I wanted to make sure I paid all my bills first. I went through the steps of doing the donation, (keeping in mind that when they opened this way of doing donations back in July, I immediately went and did it, so I’ve done it once before,) and it worked that time. It said my card was rejected this time though, and I thought I made an error, because I had sufficient funds in the account and there was nothing else wrong. I couldn’t seem to go back or forward, so I closed the window. I decided to check my email to see if there was an email from anything. There was not only an email from the organization wikileaks uses to handle donations, (again, that one’s a bit hard to explain,) and an email from chase fraud prevention! The email listed the wikileaks transaction, along with my CenturyLink ones, and I clicked the link that said “all transactions authorized.” To explain the next sequence of events you need to understand that wikileaks uses the french fund for defense of net nutrality organization to help handle the donations, therefore they use a french credit card processor, called cart bleue, (http://wikileaks.org/Press-Release-WikiLeaks-opens-path.html and http://news.cnet.com/8301-1001_3-57475485-92/as-cash-runs-low-wikileaks-finds-way-to-accept-plastic-again/?part=rss&tag=feed&subj=News-Internet&Media this does look a bit strange on a bank statement, (I was curious so I looked,) and it’s in euros, but it was hard to find. Explaining this on the phone to someone wouldn’t exactly be the easiest thing in the world, (although I’m more prepared now than I was earlier today,) so when they called me I failed to take the call. It was after I clicked approve all transactions in the email they sent that they called me, I’m not sure why they decided to email, then call. what they did next though definitely wasn’t necissary at all! They texted not me, but my mother, with the details of the wikileaks transaction, but didn’t say what it was in the text. Of course mom called wondering why I donated to a “social organization,” and I had to explain to her that it was a donation to wikileaks, at least she wasn’t weird about it or anything, She was like, Oh OK. First of all, it appears Chase has put my account on their bad list for some reason, because it isn’t just this transaction being held up. Secondly, it appears they have problems with international organizations in general, because I had fraud prevention issues with my domain registrar, (Hover, and they’re in Canada. What I’ve done to get on my bank’s list though, I have no idea.

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