It’s supposed to snow here.

It was supposed to start today, and we’re supposed to have snow by tomorrow. My parent’s already have a little bit of snow at their house. My sister and I were supposed to go shopping again today, but now my niece is sick so we didn’t. We’re planning to go again on Friday, but that’s … [Read more…]

My family went to church today.

By family, I mean mom, dad, and my half brother, his wife, and his 2 kids. They took they’re kids to Sunday school class, and since today was the day of their performance, they went up on stage with the others, (even though they hadn’t practiced.) They were just singing a couple Christmas songs, so … [Read more…]

The party went well today.

We did a lot of eating, and we sang a lot of Christmas songs. It was definitely a lot of fun! Unfortunately, my sister’s still not feeling well, so we didn’t go shopping this morning. We’ll probably be doing that on Monday after healing rooms, (again.) Although hopefully this time, we’ll have less of a … [Read more…]

Plans for tomorrow.

My sister and I were supposed to go shopping tomorrow morning, before I go to the healing rooms Christmas party. My sister is sick though, so I’m not sure if we’re going to go, not only that, but this means I’m not sure when I’ll finish my shopping. She said she’d let me know how … [Read more…]

Stuff from the past couple days.

I managed to tell my friend that she should probably go back to church on Monday night. She stopped going to church last summer, and ever since then she’s had a lot of things happen. Before I could explain that she could get lots of prayer and support at church, (and it would probably focus … [Read more…]


Shopping didn’t really go so well today, and for some reason there was a time limit. I got a couple of the things I was looking for, but not all of them, (and I still have to get stocking stuffers.) We’re going again on Friday morning, at like 9, before I go to the healing … [Read more…]

Yesterday was fun!

We We got their tree decorated, and I rolled and cut out lots and lots of cookies. The lady who works with my friend had a birthday yesterday, so my friend, a couple of the ladies from the house, and I went out to pizza. Either the card machine was being stupid, or Chase was … [Read more…]

I almost forgot to post again.

Until I shut the system down, then realized it. Had to start the system back up to post. The funeral went well today, it was a good service! tomorrow I’ll be at my friend’s work all day, probably until about 4, and I’ll be going to church on Sunday of course. on Monday I’ll be … [Read more…]

I decorated my tree today.

My friend and her boyfriend came over to help put up my tree. After my friend’s boyfriend assembled the tree, I got to decorate it! I don’t think I could put that thing together without breaking it, plus it has lights on it that have to be tested every year. On Saturday, I’m going to … [Read more…]

I started my Christmas shopping today.

Yeah, I’ve actually started my Christmas shopping! I got to pay with Square for the first time. Square is a device that sellers can plut into the bottom of their phone, and it allows them to accept credit and debit cards. Mom response to this whole thing was,” and it doesn’t steal identities?” The person … [Read more…]

Plans for tomorrow.

I’ll be going to the Christmas fair with mom, my sister, and a friend of there’s tomorrow. I think we’re supposed to meet the lady around 11 tomorrow morning, not sure how long we’ll be there. Why I said yes to this, I have no idea. Oh well, maybe I’ll actually start my Christmas shopping, … [Read more…]