I forgot to post last night.

Then again, I didn’t get to bed until like 1:20 this morning, but after I shut down, I realized that I forgot to post. At that point, it was way too late to go back and fix it, so I just skipped it. I was going to write this one 45 minutes ago, but I got distracted by well… Christmas music, of all things. My friend Kim sent me a link to a song done by Sellah, and I decided to look for other things, (they do a version of Oh Holy Night that’s almost the correct english version, and usually people don’t sing the correct english version, they either change the ending or sing the french lyrics.) Provided my friend and her boyfriend are feeling better than they were today when I called their house, we’ll probably be going grocery shopping tomorrow morning, and most likely we’ll be putting up my Christmas tree when we get back, so that will be fun!

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