Yesterday and last night.

I ended up falling asleep last night, and waking up at like 12 in the morning. I went straight to bed after I woke up, so I skipped the blog post. I did start listening to the terraforming stuff yesterday, but I have like 16 CD’s to get through, then I’ll be done with the first book. I have a feeling that I’ll be able to write an explainer after I get through the first 3 or 4, though. I ended up reinstalling Firefox yesterday morning, because it was constantly crashing, so much so that I could hardly do anything with it. I had like 7 extensions installed, and I’m not sure if that was causing the problem, but it seems to work better now. I also ended up uninstalling LastPass, because I was having major syncing issues with it. It really didn’t seem to be syncing between both browsers, so I’d go to log into something in Firefox, and it wouldn’t work, because I changed the password from the password I was using to a LastPass one in IE. It would do the same thing in IE, not only that but since I was having this issue, I’d end up having to change passwords multiple times, causing LastPass to keep a long list of them, and me to not know which was the most recent, (and therefore, the correct one.)

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