7 Quick takes for 2/15

I haven’t done a 7 quick takes for a long time. I wanted to get back into doing a meme or 2 a week. I tried to do Thursday 13 yesterday, but it turns out the thing I was going to write about, I’ve already written about 3 years ago, and it’s still fairly accurate. So here I go with my quick takes! I may or may not link them, because I have trouble using inlinkz.

  1. I’m now a new domain owner! In addition to webgurl.me and lifes-adventures.me, I now own noelle.co! I got an email from my registrar that said they were selling .co domains for $15, and I just couldn’t resist. Turns out noelle.co was available! I was also going to spring for noelle.me, but it was taken. I think I’m going to use it as a lifestream site, so like About.me, or Flavors.me, I’m pretty sure both will support using domains.
  2. On July 17th, 2013, I will have reached 10 years of blogging. I’ve learned a lot and come a very, very long way in 10 years. I started on a site called Diaryland, and my old diary still exists, http://parachute2k.diaryland.com, I link to that simply for reference, and note that apparently I really didn’t care how I wrote 10 years ago, either that or I really didn’t know how to write that well. Seriously, it’s full of errors, read at your own risk!
  3. Oscar Pistorius Charged With Murder: Paralympian Accused Of Fatally Shooting Girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp. I couldn’t believe this when I heard the news this morning, I remember watching him at the Olympics, and he seemed like a really nice person, of course people aren’t always what they seem, and we don’t know all the facts yet. I haven’t seen any evidence in the case yet, so I’ll withhold any judgement and/or opinion until then.
  4. Posterous Will Shut Down On April 30th, Co-Founder Garry Tan Launches Posthaven To Save Your Sites I used to use Posterous, I’m glad I don’t anymore! This is why I’m not a fan of startup exits and/or acquisitions.
  5. I woke up at 3 this morning and couldn’t get to sleep for a while afterwards. I realized my phone was still in my purse from yesterday’s trip to my friend’s house, so I took it out and saw that I had 4 Twitter notifications. I turned on my computer to answer my friend Mark’s questions about Tumblr, and decided to do some other things in the process, (mainly Reddit.)
  6. We’re all supposed to bring $2 on Monday, so that we can buy pizza for the Terraforming meeting.
  7. I’ll be switching this blog to Tumblr after I’m done with the Febooary challenge, which means it will be the first of march. I’ll put up a post notifying you of my switch with a link to the new RSS feed for those who subscribe, (because I’ll have to change it, otherwise the feed redirection setting won’t work,) and I’ll point the domain over there after things are imported.

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