Tomorrow will be interesting…

We have the meeting on Terraforming tomorrow after healing rooms. The lady who normally picks me up called tonight to say she wouldn’t be there, so I called the couple who I usually call when this kind of thing happens to give me a ride. Incidentally they’re also against Terraforming, and what the lady told me on the phone was pretty ridiculous. She said the director’s wife asked one of the ladies she went to the Terraforming conference with if there are scriptures to back up Terraforming, and the lady got the Terraforming book out. The lady who’s against it tried to ask questions, and apparently it ended up in a bit of a shouting match, which included the raising of voices, and telling people that they shouldn’t interupt, (that’s what the lady who went to the conference with the director and his wife told another person who was questioning her.) Eventually, the couple walked out of the room, they had to go back in to get prayed out, (most likely by the director and/or his wife,) but they left until healing rooms was over. I’m almost glad I don’t go on Saturday’s, but this time, I actually wish I was there. It’s all really good timing though, because this morning our yuth pastor talked to us about how there are no formulas for fixing ourselves, or making us perfect. There are no quick answers, or rituals that will do it for us.

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