We had the meeting today.

The day started with the people who were going to pick me up calling me to tell me that they would be late, because they had a family emergency. When we walked into healing rooms, they were already showing the DVD. We were told for the past 3 weeks that the DVD would be shown after healing rooms, (not during the time that we should be praying for people. I was laughing throughout most of the DVD, because I could barely hold it in. I was about to be like, “can we pause this so I can ask a lot of questions?” Apparently, one of the ladies who’s on the other side, (who supports Terraforming,) kept looking at me during the DVD. After it was over, the director’s wife wouldn’t stop talking, and no one could say anything. After she stopped talking, (after probably about 5-10 minutes,) we were all told it was time to leave. We were ushered out of the church very quickly after that. Afterwards, we went to Subway for lunch, because we had plans to have lunch during the meeting, and all 3 of us were hungry.

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