Today at healing rooms.

We prayed for 6 people at the healing rooms today. The lady who’s on the same side as me regarding Terraforming, (and she’s also a co-director,) ended up calling the director’s wife to talk about Terraforming. She said she called to request a meeting with them, but the director’s wife just said to tell her since she was already talking on the phone. Wehn the lady said that her and her husband don’t agree with Terraforming, she told me she heard the director, (the husband of the person she was talking to,) say something in the background, apparently he said something like, “that probably came from what Noelle said.” He was of course referring to this blog post I wrote on Terraforming. She said that it wasn’t because of me, and that her husband has done 5 seminars on the new age movement, and sees a lot of that in terraforming. Another strange thing was the fact that I didn’t send the blog post to them. I thought about it, but I knew they either wouldn’t read it, or would seek to try and disprove everything in it, so I didn’t. I’m friends with some people in the healing rooms on Facebook though, people who have an interest in seeing terraforming incorporated there, and I’m thinking that it was probably one of them. That’s fine, but I wish we would have been able to discuss everything last week.

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