Starting the process.

Today, I made the necessary changes to switch this blog over to Tumblr. The import process will probably take a few days, (it will probably literally take 5 days,) but after that, I’ll be all switched over. All I’ll need to do is point the domain, and fix the RSS feed, then it will be done. I’ll link to the feed here, so that current subscribers will be able to find the new feed, (yeah, I will have to delete the one I’m using, and create a new one, that’s just how feedburner works.) You used to be able to actually switch the feed from Blogger to tumblr, (as in Feedburner would make the change,) but it won’t do that anymore. After a couple weeks of blogging on Tumblr, I’ll delete this blog, (there’s no reason for me to keep it up, if I’m importing all the posts to Tumblr.) If you have a tumblr account, you’ll be able to follow me there, otherwise you can use RSS to subscribe to my feed, (and when I implement RSS to email, you’ll be able to use email.)

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