13 thoughts from the past couple weeks.

I like to participate in Thursday 13, and I’m trying to do it more regularly. Thursday 13, (for those who don’t know,) is a meme where you make a list of 13 things every week, then put a link to your post on the meme site. For those coming to my blog from the Thursday 13 site, I’ve changed blogging platforms since last week. I’ve tested Disqus, and it worked for me when I tested it, so hopefully it will work for you! OK, I should probably get to the list now. I’ve thought about a lot of things in the past couple weeks, so I thought I’d list them.

  1. Event planning doesn’t always result in consensus. This results in me participating in the Febooary Audioboo challenge, (in which I posted an audioboo every day,) and at the end people were complaining that it needed to be planned more, (there needed to be an official set of questions, instead of 2 sets.) I tend to agree with that, however I participate in an event called Blogathon every year, (look back at my imported posts from the end of july,) in which I blog 24 hours for charity. Blogathon used to happen officially, but it doesn’t anymore, so I just do it on my own. There are other people who do this too, choosing to do the event on a different day than I do. If we could just all get together, we’d have one big group, but that probably won’t happen, (although I’m joining with another person to participate in his event this year.) That was a really long way of saying that planning doesn’t always result in consensus, and we don’t always get what we want from it.
  2. Speaking of Audioboo, I think I’m just going to bite the bullet, and get Audioboo plus, (which is the paid version that allows you to have up to 30 minutes, instead of just 3.) I contacted Audioboo support to ask them why they don’t have an option in between free and plus, and I didn’t receive a response. I tried submitting to their forums, but that failed, so I ended up tweeting them. I want to demonstrate how I use a few things, (Google reader, for instance,) and for that, I need way more than 3 minutes of recording time.
  3. I went to the doctor on 3/1, and the doctor said that since my lab test results are always steady, I only need to come in once a year. This is good because in the past, I’ve had to go in every 6 months, (which wasn’t needed, and was quite ridiculous.)
  4. One of the pastor’s at my church is going to take care of Terraforming, so that hopefully, we don’t have to talk about it at healing rooms anymore. I ended up giving my Terraforming CD’s to him.
  5. This caused me to feel a sense of “mission complete” last weekend. I had no idea this was being taken care of behind the scenes, but it was all in God’s perfect timing. I did write a post on Terraforming, it’s back in my imported posts on 2/10.
  6. I’ll be going on retreat this weekend!
  7. Speaking of Blogathon, I’ve already started planning for it! Yeah, I know it’s 4 months away, (7/27,) but I’ll be taking both this blog, and the linkblog through this time, (because this is my 7th year, and because I’m turning 30, and I want to challenge myself.) I think I’ve already decided what charities I’m going to be blogging for, (which I usually announce on 7/1.)
  8. I just discovered the Tumblr bookmarklet works well in both IE and firefox, this is good because I manage 2 accounts, (and I use both browsers.)
  9. I’m wondering if there’s a way to set my timezone on Tumblr, so that it works in Pacific time, instead of eastern. That would be cool, because when I post at 10:00 at night, it thinks it’s 1:00 in the morning, (when it actually isn’t here.)
  10. I linked my Audioboo account to my Tumblr account a couple nights ago, but haven’t managed to test it yet.
  11. I played this song yesterday when I went to share my testimony, (let’s see how well tumblr handles youtube embeds and text.) [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5uc1smOOs7A&w=420&h=315]
  12. I think I’ll schedule a post for when I’m gone. I used to do this for blog 365 when I was officially doing it, (using the label and such,) but I think I’ll do it this time, just for fun.
  13. I plan to do 30 days of lists next month. The official challenge is going on right now, but it’s mostly a scrapbooking challenge, (and you have to pay for the prompts, and some other things,) but in order for me to participate, I need to turn it into a blogging challenge. Not only do I not use Instagram, (as most of the participants are using that for their lists,) I don’t scrapbook, so I’ll be writing lists on here instead, (every day in April.)

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