13 Things that could be on Google’s next hit list

Ever since I learned that Google is shutting down reader, I’ve started asking the question, “what’s next?” I’m not going to say that I have any sort of inside knowledge or expertise in this area, this is just my wild speculation. I won’t even say that any of this will happen in the near future, (a year or two from now.) Never-the-less, here are some things I’ve heard and/or thought about over the past 24 hours.

13 things that Google could possibly kill next.

  1. Feedburner, Google has already proven that it doesn’t really like RSS much. Since Feedburner well… hosts RSS feeds, I think that’s just the logical next step.
  2. Alerts, Alerts is an email service, (that can also be delivered in an RSS feed,) that allows you to follow certain topics. I set up one for Blogathon every year, for instance. Google probably thinks that Google+ communities are better than alerts, (because they’re social, and they can collect all the data that’s shared within them,) but I don’t want to use Google, (thankyouverymuch!) Besides that, I want something simple that does this, and alerts does that for me. There are a couple alternatives, and I haven’t looked at them yet.
  3. Gmail, yeah… I know that seems kind of stupid right? But think about it for a second. If Google wants you to use Google+ for everything, (and I believe it has a messaging system built-in,) then why not just merge gmail right into Google+? This is similar to what Facebook does with their email, (or used to anyway, we all have an @facebook.com address.)
  4. Picasa and Picasa Web, (actually, they’ve already started merging Picasa web albums into Google+.) So all they have to do is kill the Picasa photo organizer, siting “a decline in usage.”
  5. Blogger, because half of it is already broken anyway, oh yeah and there’s that RSS and Google+ thing again. Let me just say this, I think Google hates Bloggers! Yeah, I might be a bit old fashion, but I like blogging way better than Facebook and twitter, (and of course Google+, which I can’t even use, because of it’s major lack of accessibility!) There are some Social media sites I do like, Reddit is one of them.
  6. Orkut, because is there anyone still actually using it? I mean I’m sure it has less users than Google reader, (and the amount of people who’ve signed the reader petition, which at the time of writing is 81,173 people, question for Google, do that many people actually log into Orkut each and every day? Because Most likely the majority of the signers on that petition use Reader daily, (if you love something enough to sign a petition because you don’t want it to die, you probably use it at least 3-4 times per week.)
  7. Google voice, because it’s a service people actually like and use. OK, I’m sort of half kidding about this one, but then again I’m also half serious.
  8. Google Analytics, (again with the we hate bloggers thing!) that’s OK, I stopped using Google analytics years ago, after they bowed to the God of way too much flash, and not enough simplicity.
  9. Chrome OS, because they already have Android.
  10. Android, Because they already have Chrome OS. I mean, one of them has to die eventually… right? It’s just a matter of which one?
  11. Project Glass, or at least they should, because Google isn’t generally considered an eyeglass company.
  12. The Google cars, because again, Google isn’t considered a car company. Yeah I know it’s cool, but if Google thinks they need to focus, maybe they should kill some of the stuff that’s actually taking more manpower, before they start killing the stuff they’re neglecting.
  13. Google+, but this means cooler heads prevailing at Google, and that will likely never happen!

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