13 Ways Tumbl could improve.

I was going to write this list last week, but I was very suddenly interrupted by Google’s ridiculous “spring cleaning” announcements. So here are 13 ideas for Tumbl. If this list looks weird, that’s because I’m trying to format it correctly on the site itself. Tumblr doesn’t do a great job of ordered lists on blogs, (but they do on the dashboard.)

  1. 1. Tumblr should offer its own commenting system. They do have replies, but you have to be following me for more than 2 weeks to reply, (I think that’s how they work.) A commenting system only needs 3 features, the ability to allow anonymous, outside commenters, the ability to leave a comment, (obviously!) and the ability to reply. To the comment.
  2. 2. They should offer some sort of basic stats, (so that I don’t have to use an outside source.)
  3. 3. They should provide a way to block followers like Twitter does, there’s ignore, but that just prevents me from seeing them, (and lets the person keep on following.) I got my first NSFW follower on the linkblog yesterday, and I have my follower’s widget showing.
  4. 4. They should fix their Audio CAPTCHA, I linked to a Youtube video a while ago on my linkblog, that shows someone trying to solve the Tumblr Audio CAPTCHA, and having way too much fun failing! I’ve actually been able to solve that, (because I have lots of experience with those things,) but that’s when it actually works, and I can actually get the sound to play. They need to fix it so that instead of not having it work most of the time, it works all the time, (so at least someone can attempt to solve it.)
  5. 5. Tumblr should reinstate the RSS import feature. They used to have a feature that let you put an RSS feed in, and have its content displayed on your blog. I’d like to put my linkblog posts here on the personal blog, and do the same with the linkblog, (put the personal posts there in a feed, too.)
  6. 6. They should fix the way they handle ordered lists in HTML. They don’t display a number next to each list item, (like every other site does, because when I write the tags for ordered lists, that’s what I’m asking you to do.) Interestingly, they’re formatted correctly in the dashboard, but not on the blog itself.
  7. 7. They need to take care of the spam problem. I’ve had a lot of followers and reblogs that the entire purpose of the blog is to link to one site, and when they reblog my posts, they put the link to that site in their description. Tumblr should pay attention when I report something for spam, and actually either suspend the account, or make them stop following me.
  8. 8. I think they should somehow dissuade a whole bunch of people from just using the reblog feature for pictures all day long. OK OK, this is just a complaint I have, but if you really need to share pictures, (that most likely aren’t yours,) use Pinterest or Facebook, (or even Instagram.). At the same time, I understand that it’s hard to do such a thing, unless you say that images can’t be shared via that feature, (only links, text„ etc.) but that would probably cause a lot of people to leave. Maybe limit that feature by saying you can’t use it more than 20 times per day? People like me, who just link to stuff and write blog posts probably only use it once in a while. I’m actually in favor of an organic link, instead of a reblog. Which means that I’d rather click the article, put it into my Tumblr bookmarklet, and link to it like that, with a “found via” thing at the bottom of the post.
  9. 9. They should use a different HTML editor. I’m talking about the thing that you go to edit HTML in the theme, I haven’t looked at it in a while, because I’ve kind of been afraid, (although when I first switched back, I think I found a workaround for my issues.) I was having issues accessing the form, the HTML from my theme was separate from it.
  10. 10. Tumblr should offer an easy way to add widgets, (Blogger called them page elements,) without having to use the HTML editor. If Tumblr doesn’t support what your trying to add, (they support Disqus, Google analytics, and Twitter,) then you basically have to use the HTML editor to install it, which would be fine if I could navigate exactly to where the line of code I’m pasting needs to go.)
  11. 11. They should actually attempt to fix some of the issues on this list. My previous contacts with Tumblr support have been OK, but I did notice a lack of wanting to fix the HTML editor problem, even after I explained it to them, in what I thought was probably the simplest explanation I could give.
  12. 12. They should offer a support forum, because maybe there are other users that could answer my questions.
  13. 13. I still do like Tumblr better than Blogger, because it makes it extremely easy to post, and since Tumblr is owned by Tumblr, (and not Google or Facebook, for instance,) they should be more open to fixing various issues.

OK, there ya go, 13 ideas for Tumblr, hopefully they’ll actually fix some of them!)
PS, having a strange issue with Tumblr tags, I have no idea why.

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