13 Things I’m looking forward to.

For my Thursday 13 list this week, I decided to do something a bit different than what I’ve been writing the past couple weeks, and make a list of 13 things I’m looking forward to right now. If you’re following me, and this list looks weird in your dashboard, that’s because I’ve formatted it correctly for the blog, (instead of what Tumblr does, which is format it incorrectly.)
13 things I’m looking forward to, some more immediate than others.

  1. 1. My niece’s birthday party next Sunday. She turns 1 on Friday, and my sister is having her party next Sunday.
  2. 2. A couple from the healing rooms will be holding a native American gathering next weekend, it’s my plan to get to at least one of the sessions.
  3. 3. Birthdays, my nieces, my dad’s, my sister’s, and later down the line, mom’s and mine, (I turn 30 this year!)
  4. 4. Blogathon! Oh yeah, I’m definitely looking forward to Blogathon, which always happens the last Saturday in July. This yearh, (to celebrate my 30th birthday, and because I’m crazy,) I’m challenging myself, and taking both this blog, and my linkblog through the event, (both blogging for separate charities.) I’m so not looking forward to July 1st though, (which is the day I make the announcements for blogathon,) of course you can blame Google for that one.
  5. 5. Starting 30 days of lists on Monday. I’ve always wanted to do the 30 days of lists challenge, but I have to modify it so that I can participate, (it’s a scrapbooking challenge,) and you have to pay for the prompts. I have a lot of prompts from various places, so I’ll be using those, and doing it on my own in April. Of course if anyone wants to join me, they can!
  6. 6. Using my Audioboo plus account more, hopefully to demonstrate more things.
  7. 7. Setting up IFTTT, which is a site that can automate many different things for you, (like emailing you a daily weather report.)
  8. 8. My trip to Vegas this Christmas, (yeah, I know it’s far off, but it should definitely be fun!)
  9. 9. Renewing domains, both because it’s necessary, and because domains are good things to have!
  10. 10. Finding and testing alternatives to certain Google services, (actually, all of them!)
  11. 11. Getting a lifestream set up on Noelle.co, using Tumblr, RSS, and an IFTTT recipe, I’m 99% sure this is possible, but until I test it, I won’t be absolutely sure.
  12. 12. Participating in more 30 day challenges, because they’re fun!
  13. 13. Sharing my testimony again, (hopefully on stage at church this time.)

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