This weekend.

By “this weekend,” I actually mean today, yesterday, and tomorrow. Wait a second, let’s back up to Thursday. My landlord started work on our kitchen sink drainage system on Thursday, which means both me, and the person below me couldn’t use our kitchen sinks for most of Thursday, and pretty much all yesterday. Not only that, but I couldn’t use my bathtub, because there was a small crack in the wall, allowing water to leak downstairs. The landlord’s assistant came over to patch that up tonight, because he forgot yesterday. What else happened yesterday, let’s see… oh yeah! Tumblr went down for like 3 hours. Between the teenagers on Twitter saying OMG Tumblr come back, and the tech reporters saying OMG Tumblr is down again, it goes down almost daily! It gave me a taste of what July 1st, 2013 will be like, or might be like, although we’re all expecting that. I almost felt like tweeting something like, OK so Tumblr is down, this is temporary, it’s July 1st we have to worry about.
Then last night I ended up falling asleep on the couch during an episode of Shark Tank, I wanted to watch 20/20, because Dateline is now on at the wrong time on the wrong date for me, (yeah, I’m a surviver fan,) and I’ve never seen Shark Tank before so I thought I’d watch it too. I ended up falling asleep during it, sleeping all the way through 20/20, and waking up during whatever ABC’s equivalent of the late show is. I woke up at like 12:15 AM and went to bed, and then I had the weirdest dream ever, (seriously guys!) I posted a boo about this earlier, (it’s the post below this one, (I think,) but to make a long story short, a friend from a completely unrelated part of my life wanted to be the administrator of Blogathon, (the annual 24 hour blogging for charity event I participate in.) She had absolutely no idea what she was doing, having never done a blogathon before, (ever!) Yet for some reason, she still wanted to be the administrator of the event. I tell the whole story in the Audioboo I recorded earlier.
Tomorrow morning, dad and I are going to church. He told mom he wanted to go to church Sunday, (which is like amazingly cool!) Then we’re supposed to go have a really early dinner at an extremely fancy restaurant, which is at 3:00 tomorrow afternoon. Mom and dad are still moving into their house, and mom can’t come to church because she has to have the DirectTV people come tomorrow, (so they don’t come during the week, while she’s at work.)

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