5 Thoughts at this exact moment.

I have a prompt that says exactly that, so for day 6 of 30 lists, here are 5 thoughts at exactly 11:08 PM, (I really need to do these things earlier!)

  1. 1. I really need to get this done and go to bed, (and this is the reason why these things need to get done earlier.)
  2. 2. I’m not sure if I wrote about my grandma breaking my TV while she was here on 4/13, but she came last Friday with her boyfriend and he fixed it.
  3. 3. I have a new caregiver starting here tomorrow.
  4. 4.I think from now on though, she’s going to want to come on Monday’s, which will probably present a problem at Healing Rooms. When I explained that to them today, they were all begging me not to leave.
  5. 5. Of course I could just switch to Saturday healing rooms, but I still have to go to the luncheon once a month.

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