Today was interesting…

It started out with me dropping my iPhone in the toylet! Oh yes I did! Of course I can’t take it apart, because those things require special tools to disassemble, but I did put it in rice. It isn’t under warranty, but I do have ensurance through my carrier, (Verizon.) I’m hoping they’ll replace it, (if it needs replacing. The bottom of the case was still on, so I think it did a good job of protecting the back part, the top of the case fell off the phone, into the toylet. The top of the case wasnt a screen cover, so if anything doesn’t work, it’s probably the screen. So right now, I’m minus a phone, (until I take it out of the rice,) but I do still have a landline, so I’m now very glad I didn’t cancel that! Then this afternoon, we found out, (those of us who were paying attention,) that the Yahoo board approved the Tumblr Acquisition. This is so not what I wanted to happen! In fact I tweeted: “There are things that I really don’t want to happen, right now Yahoo buying Tumblr is pretty far up on that list.” It’s stil really far up on that list! Of course I also just had to tweet a link to the song, “it’s the end of the world as we know it”, because that pretty much describes the situation for me. Yahoo tends to have a track record of ruining things they buy, and they really don’t care much about accessibility either. Who knows how long I’ll be able to stay with Tumblr after Yahoo fully finishes the integration process, (although I’ve seen reports of Tumblr staying separate for now.)

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