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It’s really hot here!

Like at least 96, (that was the high temperature yesterday.) It was supposed to be like 92-93 today, and then do the same thing for the next few days. OK OK, there are some parts of California that are experiencing a way worse heat wave than us! I’m not a huge fan of heat though, so when my dad called to ask if I wanted to go to our local summer arts festival, I said no. Why did I want to walk around in that kind of heat to really do not much of anything? Then my mother got on the phone, and I realized that I didn’t have a good reason for not wanting to go, (but I did feel forced,) so I just ended up going anyway. It wasn’t a whole lot of fun, but I ended up getting free food out of it.
Tomorrow night at midnight, Google shuts down Google reader! I’ve decided to do something I’ve never done before, (a preplanned test run!) A test run is staying up to prepare for blogathon, (and usually they just happen leading up to the event, and they aren’t preplanned,) but I don’t intend to stay up the full 24 hours this time. I’ll stay up until like 12:30 or so, then go to bed. I did this last year, (on the same date,) to leave comments on someone’s blog while they were doing Blogathon. I’m not sure how long I managed to stay up last year.

Plumbing has started here again.

My landlord started plumbing again here yesterday. It would have been really nice if this would have been nice if it would have been a couple months ago! Today my caregiver was going to cook, but I didn’t have water in my kitchen sink, so that was kind of hard. She ended up doing it anyway, but she had to hurry and do it while my landlord was on lunch. My landlord wants to replace the sink, and the counter, so that will not be much fun, because that will mean a lot of in and out, in and out!

Still trying to find a Google Reader alternative.

I think I’ve pretty much tested all the RSS reader alternatives out there, (except for the ones that haven’t launched yet. What I’m having issues with now are OPML imports, because the second time I did it, (when I finished cleaning out that Instapaper folder with all those RSS feed links in it,) it didn’t give me the feeds that were in my folders. I’m not sure why it didn’t just ignore the folders and give me the feeds, but it didn’t. I want to try Digg Reader when it launches, and there are a few others launching soon that I’d like to try, but otherwise, I think I’m going to have to settle for The Old Reader, the problem is, it’s partly inaccessible, I can’t add feeds to folders because it requires drag and drop, (but my folders are now nonexistent, so I can’t set up new folders, because I went into reader to delete them, to see if that would fix the problem.) It does meet most of my criteria otherwise though, and if it’s stable, (and imports all my feeds,) then I’ll just have to settle until I find something else. I still need to create the Takeout archive with my feeds in it, (without folders, and hope it gives me all the feeds this time!)

Plans for this weekend.

Tomorrow, my family and I are going out of town to go to dinner to celebrate my sister’s birthday, which is actually on Monday. On Sunday, we’re also going to get together to celebrate father’s day at my parent’s house. My grandma has been in town for the week, to help mom get ready to have a garage sale, that they’ll be having tomorrow and Sunday. When I talked to my grandma today, she asked if I was coming with my sister tomorrow morning, and I said I really didn’t want to sit and wait there all day while they did their garage sale thing. The thing is, my sister never, ever gets up early if she doesn’t have to, and never gets ready on time, so I’m hoping she won’t be ready until around 12 or 1 tomorrow afternoon. I had planned to continue some Google reader replacement tests tomorrow morning, (I’ve tested 8 out of the 19 alternatives on my list so far,) and have yet to find a service that fulfills all my criteria. I need to be able to add feeds to folders without having to drag and drop, rename feeds, navigate by headings (in list view,) and not have links open in a frame of any kind, (links should open in the blog itself.)

Last weekend, and today.

First of all, let’s start with Sunday morning. Not having Google reader is distracting for me, because I like to eat breakfast and read RSS feeds at the same time. Not being able to do that made me not want to eat, which in turn made me late for church, because I didn’t want to get ready. I still haven’t started reader replacement tests yet, but I’ll probably start those tomorrow, (hopefully.) Then we had yesterday afternoon, and anyone following the news probably knows what happened by now, but we now know exactly who leaked the NSA documents. Usually, this doesn’t happen, (wait, this never happens because the person involved usually wants to stay anonymous.) Let’s just say that if I knew I were going to be caught up in the middle of a leak investigation, (and since I started following Wikileaks in 2010, I’m fairly familiar with how the process goes,) I’d want to stay anonymous for as long as possible. So I was trying to read tweets, articles, watch the video interview, and fix my lesson for healing rooms… all at the same time! Trying to concentrate on something, and have your mind go completely out the window, not to return again until… well, uh… I think it’s still parcially missing, is an interesting experience. I did well with the lesson though, I managed to cover everything I needed to talk about, without any major issues, (which surprised me because well… everything I just said.)

I ditched Google reader today.

Well actually, I made my last export from there. I finished cleaning out the Instapaper folder with a huge amount of RSS feed links in it, and put the ones that were still updating, and not broken into reader. Then I exported my feeds, so that I could start testing alternatives. After today, I’ve decided I’ll stop using Google reader from now, (until it dies obviously,) so that I can get used to living without it, and trying to find an alternative. Yeah, a lot of people have done this months ago, but I wanted to give some time for more alternatives to launch before I started testing. I have criteria, I don’t really want to pay, (but I will if I find a service that will let me try it first so that I can decide if it will work for me,) I’m not looking for a mobile app, (I don’t want to read feeds on my phone,) and it needs to be simple, not a whole lot of fancy interface in the way.
This is where I wish Tumblr allowed RSS feeds to be imported onto our blogs, because I’ve been posting quite a bit over on my linkblog lately, what with all the NSA leaks going on lately! Let’s just say that I’ve been enjoying reading all the information, it will blow your mind, (because it has definitely blown mine!) It tends to fall into the category of yeah, we know they’re surveiling us, but do we really know exactly how much? Anyway, it’s all over on my linkblog at

Having missing features isn’t all that fun.

So last week, when I posted about the Tumblr design tweaks, and said nothing was broken for me yet? Oh… I turned out to be wrong! The edit post feature is missing for me, and thanks to a couple nice people I’ve learned that this is in fact an accessibility issue, not a bug, (or a feature for that matter.) Well, I’m sure it looks nice for everyone, because it’s hidden under an icon that I can’t find. Of course this also means I’m missing part of the delete feature, (I can still find the mass-post editor, (as of last weekend,) so I can try and use it that way, (if it lets me,) but as of now, I have to write all my posts in a single take. Which means, no more writing posts at 11:30 PM for me! This is weird because my screen reader does treat all the rest of the elements perfectly, and if I could find it, I could perform a simulated clic with the keyboard, (and maybe that would work.) I use that trick in Google reader, (which I still need to find an alternative for,) all the time. This does beg the question, what are they going to hide from me next? Just after the Yahoo acquisition happened, my friend Mark left, to be honest I thought he was being well… a bit on the overreactionary side, now I’m not so sure about that, and I actually think he might have had the right idea. In fact, I think I said it in one of my linkblog posts before the Yahoo thing, that if it actually happened, I wouldn’t be able to stay for long. I was thinking it would be more than 2-3 weeks, though.

Stuff from today.

Well, today I’ve mostly been cleaning out this instapaper folder full of blogs that I wanted to subscribe to at one time or another. I deleted the ones that weren’t updating anymore, the duplicates, the dead links, and the ones that I was like “why did I save that?” I also had to delete sites that didn’t have RSS, (although I only found a few of those,) I did use an RSS creation service to make a feed for one site because the feed was broken, and it kept going to the wrong place. I still don’t have the Instapaper folder cleaned, I’m hoping to get it done soon, so that I can export my feeds from Google reader (again.) Yeah, this will be the second time I’ve done this since 3/13. Of course I’ve also tested the design tweaks on Tumblr, and my thing is as long as my screen reader treats everything the same, (which so far, it does,) there shouldn’t be any problems. Yeah, it’s a little different, but nothing is broken yet, (that I know of.)