Stuff from today.

Well, today I’ve mostly been cleaning out this instapaper folder full of blogs that I wanted to subscribe to at one time or another. I deleted the ones that weren’t updating anymore, the duplicates, the dead links, and the ones that I was like “why did I save that?” I also had to delete sites that didn’t have RSS, (although I only found a few of those,) I did use an RSS creation service to make a feed for one site because the feed was broken, and it kept going to the wrong place. I still don’t have the Instapaper folder cleaned, I’m hoping to get it done soon, so that I can export my feeds from Google reader (again.) Yeah, this will be the second time I’ve done this since 3/13. Of course I’ve also tested the design tweaks on Tumblr, and my thing is as long as my screen reader treats everything the same, (which so far, it does,) there shouldn’t be any problems. Yeah, it’s a little different, but nothing is broken yet, (that I know of.)

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