Having missing features isn’t all that fun.

So last week, when I posted about the Tumblr design tweaks, and said nothing was broken for me yet? Oh… I turned out to be wrong! The edit post feature is missing for me, and thanks to a couple nice people I’ve learned that this is in fact an accessibility issue, not a bug, (or a feature for that matter.) Well, I’m sure it looks nice for everyone, because it’s hidden under an icon that I can’t find. Of course this also means I’m missing part of the delete feature, (I can still find the mass-post editor, (as of last weekend,) so I can try and use it that way, (if it lets me,) but as of now, I have to write all my posts in a single take. Which means, no more writing posts at 11:30 PM for me! This is weird because my screen reader does treat all the rest of the elements perfectly, and if I could find it, I could perform a simulated clic with the keyboard, (and maybe that would work.) I use that trick in Google reader, (which I still need to find an alternative for,) all the time. This does beg the question, what are they going to hide from me next? Just after the Yahoo acquisition happened, my friend Mark left, to be honest I thought he was being well… a bit on the overreactionary side, now I’m not so sure about that, and I actually think he might have had the right idea. In fact, I think I said it in one of my linkblog posts before the Yahoo thing, that if it actually happened, I wouldn’t be able to stay for long. I was thinking it would be more than 2-3 weeks, though.

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