Still trying to find a Google Reader alternative.

I think I’ve pretty much tested all the RSS reader alternatives out there, (except for the ones that haven’t launched yet. What I’m having issues with now are OPML imports, because the second time I did it, (when I finished cleaning out that Instapaper folder with all those RSS feed links in it,) it didn’t give me the feeds that were in my folders. I’m not sure why it didn’t just ignore the folders and give me the feeds, but it didn’t. I want to try Digg Reader when it launches, and there are a few others launching soon that I’d like to try, but otherwise, I think I’m going to have to settle for The Old Reader, the problem is, it’s partly inaccessible, I can’t add feeds to folders because it requires drag and drop, (but my folders are now nonexistent, so I can’t set up new folders, because I went into reader to delete them, to see if that would fix the problem.) It does meet most of my criteria otherwise though, and if it’s stable, (and imports all my feeds,) then I’ll just have to settle until I find something else. I still need to create the Takeout archive with my feeds in it, (without folders, and hope it gives me all the feeds this time!)

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