Finding Tumblr’s missing features, (sort of .)

Thanks to some URL hacking, I was able to find the post editor that was hidden from me in the design tweaks a while ago. What I wasn’t able to find were the backdating features, which I kind of needed for yesterday’s post, (actually, it’s dating the post for the future , so it stays at the top of the list.) But I did the next thing, and made it a page instead! I did have my caregiver look for it, but I didn’t look at the instructions ahead of time, so I wasn’t sure what I was looking for until just now. I’m glad I found the editor though, because it’s hard to write things in one take, and I did have to go in and fix some things this morning. The URL trick for the editor is: So it uses the instead of your domain name, (if you have one,) then instead of”/post/” it’s “/edit/” then the post ID. Yeah it makes you log in every time, but it works and you get the editor, instead of having to try and find an icon that I can’t find! OK, now that I’ve completely scared everyone away who’s coming here from Facebook, I’ll go ahead and save this.

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