I went to church early today.

I went to church at 7:15 this morning, with my friend who’s on the worship team. She goes in early to practice, she plays the congas.
Today we heard a deaf pastor preach, through an interpreter. He talked about many things, we have a deaf church at our church, (and at several locations throughout our state,) he also talked about his work in mission field, and leading people to the Lord through golf. There was a part of the sermon that didn’t sit well with me, however. When he was talking about his work in the Dominican Republic, he said many of the deaf people were starting to become like americans, in that they’re starting to feel like they don’t need salvation. There of course are many causes for this, and we have a lot of young people leaving our churches today, (for as many reasons as there are people leaving.)
He began to blame it all on technology. From what I was hearing, he was saying that 1500 deaf ministries have shut down because of social networks and the internet. He said that because everyone can communicate through their phone, no one needs face-to-face communication. He also said that technology is one of Satan’s favorite tools, (everything can be used by Satan, by the way.) The way I interpreted this part of the sermon, it went very far down the road of “technology is evil,” which it actually isn’t. It can be used for both good and evil things, (the surveillance state for instance, likes to be able to track us and not tell us what they’re doing,) but I like to use it for good things, (like Blogathon, for instance, or maybe to live stream my church service on the day after.) OK, this turned out to be a really long treatise which I didn’t expect to have happen.

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