We baked today.

My caregiver and I baked 2 things today, first, we baked m&M chocolate chip cookies, using this recipe, from Picky Palate, there were problems with the recipe though, and if you ever want to use it, you need to add an additional half stick of butter and another egg, and do a whole lot of mixing to get the recipe to work. Despite the issues though, the cookies did end up turning out perfectly! We also made these chocolate covered bananas. I have no idea if the Tumblr image uploader is working, and if you can put more than one picture in a post, but I’ll try. I’ve tried for 6 years to make chocolate covered bananas here, and had a lot of failures, but this time we had success using candy melts, which are little chocolate disks that you buy in these small containers, that are strictly made for dipping things into. OK OK, I’m sure you could use them for other things, (they seem quite flexible,) but that’s mainly what they’re made for.

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