I’ve been sick for 5 days.

I woke up on Friday morning with a soar throat, and ended up having that for a couple days. Then it got worse, and spread to my sinuses, then it got even worse, and spread to my chest. I ended up going to the store to get something for that on Tuesday. It’s gotten better … [Read more…]

My trip to the fair.

My caregiver and I had absolutely nothing to do today, so we ended up going to the fair. Why did we do this? Mainly so I could get teriyaki chicken and rice, and cotton candy. I also wanted to ride the rides too, but it turned out to be way, way too expensive for both … [Read more…]

Recapping Blogathon 2013.

At first I didn’t think I needed to write a recap post for this one, but I decided to because there are some things I learned, (some things I wish I would have done,) and that infamous singing thing that I probably really do need to explain. I’d also like to again thank my mom, … [Read more…]