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Link removal requests again.

I received 2 emails from’s link removal service again yesterday, and I actually did respond. I’ll publish both emails, and my response.

Subject: URGENT: Please Respond; Help Needed for Google Penalty
Hello, We have tried to contact you several times regarding the link to our site on This link is in
violation of Google’s Webmaster Guidelines and must be removed in order to
address the penalty against our site. We are assembling a reconsideration request and will be submitting it to
Google, soon. Again, all links which we could not remove will be included in
the information we submit. Please remove the link from your site and notify us when this has been done,
so that we do not have to include your site information in our submission. Thank you,


and there’s this one, which I responded to:

Subject: Follow-up Request. Please Respond.
Date: Fri, 27 Sep 2013 20:27:01 +0000
Hello, We are following up regarding the link to our site
from We
appreciate your efforts to promote our website; however, we have been
contacted by Google, notifying us that our site is not in compliance with
their terms. We wish to seek reconsideration as soon as possible and must have this link
addressed in order to bring our site into compliance. Please note, as part
of our reconsideration request, we have to report to Google any link we are
unable to repair. Please add a rel=”nofollow” or remove our link from this page and any other
page on your site. If you have any questions, please let us know.
Thank You,


Both of these emails were sent yesterday, I responded to the second one with this:

Date: Fri, 27 Sep 2013 15:05:01 -0700
Subject: Re: Follow-up Request. Please Respond.
From: Noelle williamson
Please go ahead and report the link to Google as an irreparable link.
I’m not going to remove it, and I don’t care enough to add a
rel=nofollow tag to a link I published 4 years ago. I don’t have a
page rank anyway, (it’s literally listed as n/a, so I won’t see any
SEO penalties from this, and if I do, oh well. I’m not one to care
about SEO anyway, because I’m just a personal blogger, who mainly does
it for fun. I’ll see to it that I never link to your site again, and
I’ll never recommend your site to anyone looking to order candy
online. I’ve actually never ordered from your site, and prefer another
site instead, and yes I’ve linked too them without rel=nofollow, and
no… they haven’t sent me any ridiculous link removal notices like
you have!

Chase and international transactions… again,.

I’ve had problems with Chase and international transactions in the past. Last year, they rejected a transaction of mine that um, well… just happened to be a donation to wikileaks. At the time, they said it was because my ISP, (who we were also paying our cell phone bill through at the time,) charged my account 4 times. I called the ISP, and they said, (of course,) that they didn’t charge my account 4 times. This went on for a while until I had to tell my parent’s that we couldn’t pay our cell phone bill through our ISP anymore, because the ISP, (not my bank,) was declining my information, and I was only able to figure this out by talking to Chase support over Twitter.
Fast-forward to yesterday, when I tried to donate to the DJ Marathon’s fundraising page, which uses JustGiving, (which, of course… is an international organization, for an international charity, for an international event.) Chase emailed me, (yeah, they didn’t call, they actually sent an email,) asking me to verify these transactions. I clicked the link, but knew all future transactions would be held up until I called them, because of the experience I had last year, (when I didn’t want to take the wikileaks-related call.) Since I didn’t want to take the call, because I didn’t want to have to explain that yeah, that was me making a donation to wikileaks, (it might put me on some sort of list,) I clicked the link in the email Chase sent me to verify transactions, but all my transactions were rejected until I called the fraud prevention department and explained that yes that was me, (and I was trying to make a donation to wikileaks.)
I immediately told the people running the DJ marathon that my transaction was rejected, and that I’d have to call my bank to ask them to put it through. I told them that they should be open for 24 hours, so it should be no problem. When I called Chase, the lady seem not to hesitate to tell me the honest truth, “it was rejected because it was an international site,” she said. These were my exact words to her, “you shouldn’t automatically reject donations to international organizations, it’s ridiculous.”
So now we actually know why the donation was rejected last year, it was rejected because it was international, and for no other reason. My ISP didn’t attempt to charge my account 4 times, (there were 2 attempts to pay my cell phone bill, and they did both fail, but there weren’t 4, as indicated by the bank. I contacted Chase Support via Twitter last night to tell them this automatic rejection of international transactions is ridiculous, and they instructed me to try the justgiving transaction again after calling fraud prevention. I did that this morning, and it went through.

Up late with the 2013 DJ Marathon.

So I’m up late, (actually, I nnormally don’t go to bed around 12 anyway,) listening to the 2013 DJ Marathon. This guy will be broadcasting for 48 hours to raise money for a cancer charity in the UK. All the information is at, and you can donate directly by going to his fundraising page, which is

My first day of Sunday school.

My first day of Sunday school was today! Everything went fairly well, although I almost got stranded in the sanctuary because the lady didn’t come get me in time to take me to the place where we’re teaching, (it’s called the pitstop.) We didn’t get to the lesson this week, instead we just got to know the girls a little, and planned out ideas for activities. It was fun, but a bit chaotic, because we’re suppose to have dividers to divide the boys from the girls, and we didn’t have the dividers yet, so it was kind of like, let’s all talk at the same time!

I got a strange call today.

A lady from church called me on my landline today, to ask if I would like to rent a room in an adult foster home. My phone number is in the church directory, but after this,(or when we update the directory, I think I want to take it out.) Either she got my number from the directory, (she did call my landline.) Or someone put her up to calling me, (I only talk to this lady about once or twice a year at church, and the only reason I know she has an adult foster home is because she’s asked me to pray for people there, (and I was going to go sing there last Christmas.) When she called me, my caregiver and I were in the middle of making pizza, (we were actually building the pizza, before it went in the oven.) I’ve described the awkwardness of my landline ringing before, but when it rings when I’m not quite in the position to answer it, well… it’s even worse. Then this lady wants to talk about me renting a room in her adult foster home. The first thing I asked her was, “did my mother put you up to this?” We used to be neighbors, so she also knows my mother. She said no, but I’m not exactly sure I can trust the answer to that question, because I’ve published my mom’s attempts to institutionalize me, (by nearly forcing me to live in an assisted living facility, and the letter I wrote her in April last year,) on this blog, right here.
If it wasn’t my mother, the question is, why would she call me? Like I said, we never see, or talk to each other at church. When I told her I was perfectly happy living where I was living and doing what I was doing, she didn’t really like that answer. Besides my mother, she knows quite a lot of people in Prayer seekers CafĂ©, (formerly known as healing rooms,) and I suppose it could have been one of them, (although I doubt that, because they all think my mom’s efforts are ridiculous.)

I have my Treadmill.

my parents brought my Treadmill over today. I ended up going to second service, (the last second service we’ll ever have at our church!) and they brought it over after that. The thing is, it sticks out a lot, I already have a cut on my foot from crashing into it.

To people who call my landline…

If you aren’t a telemarketer, (which the last several people haven’t been,) and if you aren’t from somewhere out of the country, and you or your business has had dealings with me before, please don’t ask for me as if I’m not the only one who lives here. I don’t like to use this number, and it really bothers me to have to answer it anyway, because the phone is actually in a really stupid place on my desk, (it’s literally almost on the edge of my file cabnet.) So please just don’t call that number anyway… OK? Thanks! Besides, I really don’t know who’s calling when you call that number, I don’t have caller ID set up on that number, so it’s really annoying to hear, “is this Noelle?” yeah… duh! Then to hear Oh hi, this is someone who deals with you on a semi-regular basis so I should already know this is you.

Yesterday was busy.

First, I had my inspection at 10 yesterday morning. The inspector ended up getting here like 5 minutes late, (when they’re usually about 10 minutes early.)Everything went well, and I passed! Then I was supposed to get on Skype with my friend Mark at 11. He forgot, which was annoying, because I was all ready and waiting for him. Then I got a call from the children’s pastor at my church, saying that the Sunday school meeting we were supposed to have tonight, (9/4,) needed to be changed to last night. On top of all this, we didn’t have hot water here until yesterday afternoon, since like well… honestly I don’t know when, but my friend saw the sign when she brought me home from our daytrip on Friday afternoon.