Link removal requests again.

I received 2 emails from’s link removal service again yesterday, and I actually did respond. I’ll publish both emails, and my response. Subject: URGENT: Please Respond; Help Needed for Google PenaltyFrom: linkremoval@candy.comTo: born2fly83@gmail.comHello, We have tried to contact you several times regarding the link to our site on This link is inviolation of Google’s … [Read more…]

Up late with the 2013 DJ Marathon.

So I’m up late, (actually, I nnormally don’t go to bed around 12 anyway,) listening to the 2013 DJ Marathon. This guy will be broadcasting for 48 hours to raise money for a cancer charity in the UK. All the information is at, and you can donate directly by going to his fundraising page, … [Read more…]

My first day of Sunday school.

My first day of Sunday school was today! Everything went fairly well, although I almost got stranded in the sanctuary because the lady didn’t come get me in time to take me to the place where we’re teaching, (it’s called the pitstop.) We didn’t get to the lesson this week, instead we just got to … [Read more…]

I got a strange call today.

A lady from church called me on my landline today, to ask if I would like to rent a room in an adult foster home. My phone number is in the church directory, but after this,(or when we update the directory, I think I want to take it out.) Either she got my number from … [Read more…]

I have my Treadmill.

my parents brought my Treadmill over today. I ended up going to second service, (the last second service we’ll ever have at our church!) and they brought it over after that. The thing is, it sticks out a lot, I already have a cut on my foot from crashing into it.

To people who call my landline…

If you aren’t a telemarketer, (which the last several people haven’t been,) and if you aren’t from somewhere out of the country, and you or your business has had dealings with me before, please don’t ask for me as if I’m not the only one who lives here. I don’t like to use this number, … [Read more…]

Yesterday was busy.

First, I had my inspection at 10 yesterday morning. The inspector ended up getting here like 5 minutes late, (when they’re usually about 10 minutes early.)Everything went well, and I passed! Then I was supposed to get on Skype with my friend Mark at 11. He forgot, which was annoying, because I was all ready … [Read more…]

I overslept today.

I didn’t end up getting up until about 9:10, which was just before my friend’s husband was coming to pick me up for church. Turns out my friend had worship practice this morning, and didn’t find out until she checked her email at like 6 AM, so she was late getting there. We only had … [Read more…]