A weekend of legal briefs.

Well 3 legal briefs anyway. I read the first 2 on Thursday night, (in the span of about 4 hours,) but I didn’t find the last one until today. These are called amici curiae briefs, (but most people just say “amicus”,) which means friend of the court. As far as I know, these are usually … [Read more…]

Yesterday and last week.

We had a third person in our Sunday school class yesterday. It was the pastor’s wife. I’m not sure why she was there, but she was. It was actually kind of weird, because usually, there’s just 2 of us doing the teaching. Last Thursday, my caregiver told me she’d have to start leaving early for … [Read more…]

Prayer Seeker’s Cafe.

We started Prayer Seeker’s Cafe, (formerly known as Healing Rooms,) again today after a long break. We took a break of 6 weeks, both because of construction in the rooms where we were praying, and because the directors were on vacation. I actually enjoyed having my Mondays back, so it was kind of weird to … [Read more…]

My in-home care assessment.

I had my in-home care assessment yesterday. My case worker comes and asks all sorts of questions every year, to determine how many hours I qualify for, and whether I still qualify for medical benefits. It went well this year, (it actually went faster this year than it did last year, but the questions seemed … [Read more…]


Yesterday was my mom’s birthday. We all went out to dinner like we usually do. We were supposed to go out of town to meet my grandma, but mom decided against it, because we ended up having bad weather here. Sunday school was really chaotic yesterday, we had a lot of new girls, and they … [Read more…]