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A weekend of legal briefs.

Well 3 legal briefs anyway. I read the first 2 on Thursday night, (in the span of about 4 hours,) but I didn’t find the last one until today. These are called amici curiae briefs, (but most people just say “amicus”,) which means friend of the court. As far as I know, these are usually filed in support of the appellant. It’s actually one of those weird legal latin phrases, it’s actually “amicus curiae,” but if it’s plural, (and there are 3 in this case,) it’s amici curiae.) I won’t even go into pronunciation of this, let’s just say different people pronounce words different ways. I think I had a bit too much of the briefs in one night though, because on Thursday night at around 12, I went into a state of hilarity without even trying, (without starting the process of staying up for 24 hours or anything like that.) It was just weird, because I have no idea what caused it. Anyway, here are the briefs in question:

Yesterday and last week.

We had a third person in our Sunday school class yesterday. It was the pastor’s wife. I’m not sure why she was there, but she was. It was actually kind of weird, because usually, there’s just 2 of us doing the teaching.
Last Thursday, my caregiver told me she’d have to start leaving early for mileage purposes, the problem is that the agency she works for, (which has a contract with the state,) doesn’t compensate her for mileage, but they were asking her to leave early. They were also asking her to claim the hours while she was leaving early, so that she would get the full amount of time. They also told her that for some reason, her time card was off, (for reasons that have to do with mileage,) and that for the next week, she has to cut 2 hours off during this pay period.
I ended up emailing my case worker from the state, to ask him if these practices were correct, I got a call from him today, saying that they weren’t, and that he was going to talk to the agency about it. When he called me back, he told me that the agency would be ending the practice of shortening shifts for mileage compensation purposes.

The leaky faucet got fixed yesterday.

Since this will probably be published on Thursday, (because I stay up way too late to post links every night,) it got fixed on Wednesday. I’m glad it got fixed because the handle was actually loose, which was causing it to leak. The landlord actually had to buy new parts to fix it, and it took him an hour to find the right parts. When he lefft, he actually said “next time, call a plumber.” I said “OK, I will.” Then he said something like, “no don’t do that.”

Leaky faucets, and other stuff.

Yay, I have a leaky bathtub faucet! It’s like it won’t shut off all the way, so water is leaking out of it. I called my landlord today, and told him, but he said he would fill out a form for me, no idea as to when he would actually come and fix the faucet that’s leaking.
Today we had Prayer Seeker’s Cafe, and the luncheon afterwards. We only prayed for 3 people, and these were mostly members of the team, and one person who somehow knows we’re open again, (after being closed for 6 weeks.) On Friday night, I went to a dinner at the children’s ppastor’s house, we had to sign documents for Sunday shcool. We had dinner, watched a movie, signed the documents, and then left.

Housing authority recertification.

I had my housing authority recertification yesterday. Everything went well, all it is is signing forms. She said I should get a letter in the mail in a week or so confirming everything, (and that should tell me what my rent is, because it goes up a little every year.)
I spent 30 minutes tonight reading this appellate brief. This is the same case we got all the unsealed documents from last Wednesday, and I post links to a lot of the things I find on my linkblog at

Prayer Seeker’s Cafe.

We started Prayer Seeker’s Cafe, (formerly known as Healing Rooms,) again today after a long break. We took a break of 6 weeks, both because of construction in the rooms where we were praying, and because the directors were on vacation. I actually enjoyed having my Mondays back, so it was kind of weird to start again after such a long time away. They’ll be starting one on Saturdays again, but I don’t plan to participate because of my schedule. I’d be there on Saturday, at church from 8:30 to 12 on Sunday, then back to church for Prayer Seeker’s Cafe on Monday morning.

My in-home care assessment.

I had my in-home care assessment yesterday. My case worker comes and asks all sorts of questions every year, to determine how many hours I qualify for, and whether I still qualify for medical benefits. It went well this year, (it actually went faster this year than it did last year, but the questions seemed a lot less like an interrogation.) My twitter client also gave up on me yesterday, it decided that it wanted to reauthorize every time, then not update tweets, mentions, or direct messages. I’m not sure why it did this, but I had to install a different client, which after reading some better documentation than what the developers offer, I’m able to deal with it, (but it’s less efficient than my other client used to be.)

Medical records, doctor’s appointments, and reading unsealed legal documents.

On Monday my primary care physician’s office called to tell me that they didn’t get any records from the specialist I went to see on 7/22. I had to call their office, (which is actually out of town, and inside a hospital,) and they told me to call their records release department.I left a message, but they didn’t call back. I ended up calling back again today, and I got a call from them today, telling me they did send the records over. Speaking of doctors, I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow, I’m sure this is why they called me to ask me why they didn’t receive any records.
I spent quite a bit of time tonight reading these newly unsealed legal documents. When I say newly unsealled, I mean like as in just today. In fact, it took me like an hour and a half to read through the documents without any major breaks, I read through some parts over again just to be thorough, and when I did stop, I mostly stopped to be like, “whoa!” I actually enjoy reading legal documents, but these weren’t the easiest ones to read, I had to find a text version of them, because I couldn’t get the original ones open at first.


Yesterday was my mom’s birthday. We all went out to dinner like we usually do. We were supposed to go out of town to meet my grandma, but mom decided against it, because we ended up having bad weather here.
Sunday school was really chaotic yesterday, we had a lot of new girls, and they were extremely loud! The boy’s teacher had to come and tell us to quiet down because they wouldn’t stop yelling and screaming, and the teacher couldn’t talk over them without having to yell. She didn’t end up teaching the lesson yesterday, because we had new kids, so she wanted to get their ideas about the class, and what they wanted to do for activities. Today was the last Monday we have off from Prayer seeker’s Cafe, (formerly known as healing rooms,) we start again next Monday.