Today’s the last day of NABloPoMo. I skipped a lot of posts, which means I didn’t do that well. Being sick at the beginning of the month didn’t help matters. I haven’t done the daily blogging thing since last year, so it was kind of hard to get back into the swing of things. I … [Read more…]

Baking day.

Today, my caregiver and I baked 2 sets of cookies. One to bring to our destination for thanksgiving, (we’re going out of town tomorrow.) The other one was also supposed to be to bring, but it turns out that we didn’t need to make them, because the first recipe baked 60 cookies. We ended up … [Read more…]


Today the lady who took me to church also brought me home. The thing with that was, we had to wait for her husband to get back from taking their daughter to work. They only took one car, so he pretty much left us waiting there for like a half hour. She was going to … [Read more…]

A list of random things.

The way NVDA pronounces things is hilarious, this is especially true with certain names, which get mispronounced as hilarious words, this can happen in JAWS too. NVDA uses a synthesizer called eSpeak, and JAWS uses one called eloquence. I’ll be riding to church tomorrow with my friend who came to clean my carpets, and not … [Read more…]

Brief reading times.

Today, we got the reply brief in Lavabit. I didn’t know this, but apparently reply briefs are supposed to be filed 10 days after the government brief. I ended up reading this brief 3 times, twice because I lost my place, and ended up back up at the top of the document from page 14, … [Read more…]


Today, we returned the modem CenturyLink sent me to UPS. Not the one with WI-FI built-in, of course, (I’m paying for that one,) but the wrong one they sent me for free. There was one problem though, we couldn’t find UPS at first. When I looked up the address yesterday, my caregiver thought she knew … [Read more…]

Yay for CenturyLink!

They sent me a modem without WI-FI built-in! So now I have to send it back, and get another one. Apparently, they weren’t supposed to do what the guy did , which was um… send it to me without actually ordering it. Yeah, he tried to have them send it to me for free, because … [Read more…]

After I got my internet fixed yesterday…

I read the government’s brief in the Lavabit case. The brief was mostly ridiculous, but I thought the part where they quoted Webster’s dictionary was hilarious. I also thought the overuse of the phrase, “fact-intensive,” was interesting. Also, “this argument makes no sense.” To me, if you’re going to say something makes no sense , … [Read more…]

A list of random things.

We had our Prayer seeker’s café luncheon today. We were late getting to the church today, because the streets were blocked off for our Veteran’s Day parade. I got prayed for today for the conjestion and cough that’s still hanging on. I tried to help one of the guys, who just got a new iPad … [Read more…]

I slept in today.

I ended up sleeping in until 12 something today. I woke up earlier for about 15 minutes, then fell back asleep. We have a Wi-Fi network here called “FBI surveillance,” not sure why someone decided to call their network that, but I’m sure the FBI wouldn’t be stupid enough to set up a network with … [Read more…]