Shipping issues.

Our first order of cookies came today. I found out that the seller, (because although Amazon fulfilled them, they aren’t being shipped by Amazon,) was shipped USPS. I don’t like having things shipped to me USPS! I especially don’t like it this in this case, because there are 2 estimated delivery dates on the order. … [Read more…]

Asking a favor.

To all my blog followers who have Twitter accounts, I ask a favor. I know this might sound weird, and no, I’m not asking you to follow anyone. Instead, I’m asking you to block someone and report them as spam. Why, well, there’s the most obvious reason, because they tweet the same link over and … [Read more…]

Cookie shopping.

Today, my caregiver and I went to the store, to get several things. We actually went mainly to look for a certain kind of cookies, they’re from Pepperidge farm, and they’re thin and long. They have chocolate inside of them, and they come in a can. They’re actually straw-shaped. I was looking for a certain … [Read more…]

Happy NewYear!

I hope everyone had a happy newyear! we spent it here at my parent’stimeshare. Yesterday, we went to a chocolate factory, and a jerkeystore. I bought nearly $60 worth of chocolate, and $20 worth ofjerkey. The day before that, we went to New York, New York, (which isa casino, and rode the roller coaster there. … [Read more…]