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I talk about the weirdness that is the Audioboo site not recognizing my headset anymore in this boo, the 25th of #febooary. @audioboo

I talk about waiting for my phone to update, watching the closing ceremonies, and the Olympics in this boo, the 23rd of #febooary.

In this boo for the 19th of #Febooary, I demonstrate PACER, talk about the legal case I’ve been following for about 6 and a half months now, and talk about the same subject I addressed a year ago to the date. Relevant links:
My boo from last year:
Mark’s boo from last year:
Unsealed district court documents, (text version):
Live blog of Snowden airport meeting, (as it happened,) this is the meeting that he used a Lavabit email address to send invitations to, and it’s mentioned in this link: The site still displays the statement from it’s founder, Ladar Levison.
Wikipedia article on pen register devices:
Wikipedia article on trap and trace devices, (these are often used interchangeably when it comes to the orders, (r they’re also called “pen trap orders.”)
Wikipedia article on SSL:
PACER case locater: http:/
PACER site, this is where you register and manage your account: #PACER #lavabit