Things happening as of late.

I ordered chinese food for lunch today, we had to go pick it up, because they don’t deliver. Up until today, I hadn’t had chinese food for a year, when I took my last caregiver out to lunch for her birthday, so I wanted several things. The order turned out to be $47.70! OK OK, so hat’s what I get for ordering from the best and most expensive chinese restaurant in town, but it usually only costs that much when 2 people are ordering! I’ll probably have leftovers for a week, (and I’m not kidding either.)
I’ve been watching the olympics during daytime and primetime, (and once I even stayed up for latenight, (which I’m going to do again tonight,) because I need to post links. This has also caused me to get behind in posting links, because I don’t usually do my Febooary boo until the Olympics are over, (if you’ve been listening, you’ll know this,) and then I go to bed, (without posting any links.) That’s why last night, I stayed up late to post links, and tonight, I’ll be watching Olympic latenight as I do so.
I did manage to get my rent paid, (I talked about that in a boo.) Yesterday, I got a reminder email from my domain registrar, (Hover,) that said would be renewing today, however it didn’t automatically renew like it was supposed to, (or at least it didn’t notify me.) I went into my account and checked, and it isn’t supposed to renew until Friday, um… OK… it’s kind of funny that the system is sending me reminder emails saying my domain will be renewing in one day! when it actually renews in 3 days, (LOL.)

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