Recent things.

My niece went home from the hospital sometime yesterday. I was going to go visit her if she had to stay another night, but mom texted me last night to say she went home. Today, we managed to set off the smoke alarm while cooking, I’ve actually never had that happen before, (until now.) I … [Read more…]

Strange call box incidents.

Yesterday, I got a strange text from my caregiver, asking if I was home. I was like yeah, because where would I go at that time, when everyone was at work? she said the call box wouldn’t stop ringing, but I couldn’t hear anything up here on this end at all. So she tried again, … [Read more…]

Sunday school changes.

Last week, we were told that there would be some changes to how our Sunday school class would be done. We’ll still have the 9:00-9:45 class, and we’ll still go to service afterwards, but after the worship, the kids will go back to class for the rest of the service. I thought that was kind … [Read more…]

My caregiver came back.

Well, I’m writing this after midnight, so technically it was yesterday. She came back to work after being out sick last week. She isn’t 100% better, but she didn’t have a doctor’s note for anymore days off, so she had to come back. I actually needed her to help me do 3 things today, that … [Read more…]

This week…

My landlord started working on the plumbing again a couple weeks ago. He turned the water off to my kitchen last week, and to the whole building this week. When he called me to tell me he was turning off the water, he didn’t explain the fact that it was to the whole building. I … [Read more…]