Sunday school weirdness.

The person who normally picks me up for church, (who happens to also be the Children’s pastor,) was gone this weekend, and I had to have someone else pick me up. Our Sunday school teacher, (the main one,) was late this morning, and he’s the one that has the key to the classroom, (besides the … [Read more…]

Thoughts on last week’s ruling.

I’ll tried to make this brief, (although I’m not sure it will be.) First, we have to explain why there’s waiver involved. The Fourth Circuit decided that the court ruled Lavabit’s arguments were waived because they raised some arguments on appeal that it didn’t raise during the overly fast district court case. It didn’t matter … [Read more…]

The events of the past couple days.

Well, mostly yesterday, because yesterday was a complete and absolute failure of a day. When my Twitter client started up yesterday morning, I found an exponential number of results in the Lavabit search, OK so 19 results at once isn’t a lot, but that doesn’t happen on a regular basis. I very quickly realized that … [Read more…]

Testing Chicken Nugget.

I’m testing a new Twitter client called Chicken Nugget. It’s an accessible Twitter client from AccessibleApps. I like the client so far, for a while, I used to use a client called Tween, Tween had a GUI, like chicken nugget does, (the client I’ve used up until today, called the Qube doesn’t have one, it’s … [Read more…]

My doctor’s appointment.

My Doctor’s appointment went well today. We actually had to wait a while, and I was starting to get worried, because I thought my caregiver might go over her hours. One of the problems we have, is that my specialist’s office doesn’t send records to his office, so I told him that he’d have to … [Read more…]

Happy birthday to Mark!

Today’s my friend Mark’s birthday! Yeah, his birthday is a day after April fools day. We have this tradition where we send songs to each other on our birthdays, instead of sending cards, (because I don’t like cards, and songs are more fun.) Last year, I was supposed to send one, but I had just … [Read more…]