Movie night, and other stuff.

Last night, we had a movie night at church. This was for our Sunday School class. We had pizza, and they showed Cars 2, (not that I ever saw the first one.) I’ll be participating in Audiomo starting tomorrow. Audiomo is like Febooary, where you record something every day for a month and upload it … [Read more…]

Up late.

I’ve been up late to finish watching the Bryan Williams Snowden interview, and the companion hour they did online after that. Apparently, the whole thing actually lasted about 3-4 hours, so I hope eventually the whole thing gets released. Tomorrow, we’ll be going to WalMart, and going grocery shopping. For now, I think I’m about … [Read more…]

Baking sinnamon roles.

Tomorrow is Thursday, and my caregiver and I usually run out of ideas for things to do by then. I’ve been wanting to made sinnamon roles for a while, so we’ll be going to get the stuff first thing when she gets here tomorrow, and then we’ll actually, (technically be making bread.) I don’t have … [Read more…]

My call box is working!

Well, at least I think it’s working, (anyway.) Someone rang it, and then hung up tonight, so at least I know the thing still rings. I’m hoping that they actually rang my number, instead of ringing someone else’s, (because that’s been the problem in the past,) my call box is mixed up with one of … [Read more…]

AC shopping.

I went AC shopping today, because I needed to replace my portable air conditioner. The air hose ripped in 3 places, and the slider, (the plastic end that you put into the window,) has broken clips, (the clips that you clip the hose into are broken.) I went to HomeDepot yesterday in an attempt to … [Read more…]

Happy birthday to my dad!

Today’s my dad’s birthday! We didn’t go out to dinner tonight, we’re waiting until the weekend to do that. It’s hard for my sister to do that during the weeknight with my niece, so she wanted us to wait until the weekend. My caregiver made Macaroni and cheese today, (from scratch,) unlike 2 weeks ago … [Read more…]