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Things i’ve learned and reasons for participating in Audiomo.

This is going to be a list post! I haven’t done one of those in a while, and it will be my first list post on WordPress! For my Tumblr followers who should now be reading on, I’m not going to do any fancy list formatting, because I don’t really care about the Tumblr site or dashboard anymore. So let’s start with the reasons for doing Audiomo.

  • To challenge myself to come up with something to record every day.
  • To fill the time I would be planning for Blogathon. I’m not doing Blogathon this year, (or for the foreseeable future, and the preparation does take some time,) to pass that time, I decided to do Audiomo.
  • To see what kind of recordings I could come up with. I recorded everything from me rambling on about WordPress themes, to my Dexa scan, to the sound of fried chicken cooking.
  • to get back into Audioblogging/audiotweeting.

Now for the things I learned.

  • I learned about the app Melt, which allows you to do short 1 minute recordings. I haven’t used it very much though, and I’m not sure if I’ll continue using it.
  • I learned how to record with Audacity, Audio editing still escapes me, but I can at least record with the thing.
  • I learned that recording sounds is fun, but it’s also necessary to do some posts where you just talk, too many posts with just sounds isn’t good, but too many talking posts isn’t either. I might have had too many of those this year.
  • Just today, I finally learned that you can’t record audio with Chicken Nugget, but you can record files in Audacity and attach them for uploading to SNDUp.

Next year, I’d like to do a few more sound posts.

  • I’d like to record what my apartment elevator and call box sound like, (assuming that both things are working, and assuming… of course, that I’m still living here.)
  • I actually wanted to do a melt from the grocery store, but I never did it, because I thought it might be weird, maybe next year I’ll get around to doing it.
  • I wanted to record throwing rocks with my niece at the river on Father’s day when we were there, but my phone was in my purse, and I wasn’t near it.

I don’t want to do more than 10-12 sound posts, (I think definitely anything more than 15 gets a bit annoying.) One thing I would like to do is do a bit more planning. I did wing it this year, so I did a lot of talking about my day, when I didn’t really have anything to talk about. On one occasion, I talked about a supreme court case, (Aereo,)I also talked about the anniversary of the NSA leaks on 6/5. I think I’d like to do a bit more of that, I’d like to maybe talk about news stories, or articles I’ve read, etc.
PS, if you're following me on Twitter, you saw all my Audiomo links because I tweeted them, if you aren't, I'm @webgurl over there, and you don't have to follow me but you should probably open my timeline in some sort of Twitter client to see all 30 days worth of tweets, (preferably one that takes more than 20 tweets at a time.)

Audiomo day 29 Morning strangeness.

This is me talking about issues with my ride to church this morning.

Today at Prayer Seeker’s Cafe.

The director handed out pictures that were taken last week at the wedding. He asked me if I wanted one, I asked him if he could send it via email. He said he probably could do that. There’s a reason I asked for this, yeah, I could take a printout and hang it somewhere in here. However, I like to have the digital file for my records, (and to upload it to this blog,) I’d rather have a digital file than have a printout because then I have something to archive. While paper is long-lasting, it could get lost in a move or something.
we ended up praying for 16 people today, including my caregiver. Yeah… that one was strange, because I didn’t submit a prayer request for my caregiver, the director did without asking me. On top of that, it was a blank request, (nothing on the paper to say what the prayer request actually was.) I told the people that I was on the team with that I would never submit a prayer request without complete and correct information, so at first I was surprised that he used my name without asking me. Then he decided to tell me that his wife told him to put her on the list.

Today and last night.

Today, I went to a wedding for one of the ladies at Prayer seeker’s Café. I think the last wedding I’ve been to before this one was 2006. When I asked if I could come to the wedding, I asked if I could get away with not wearing a dress, turns out the lady that took me, (even though she said she was going to wear one,) well… she actually didn’t. The wedding reception was a potluck, so I ended up bringing a gallon container of ice tea, and a 2 leader container of pepsi and SevenUp, she also asked me to bring a bag of ice, so I did. My call box isn’t working, (again,) so I had the guy who I rode with, (they’re co-directors of Prayer seeker’s Café,) come up and get the ice. That worked fine, but he decided to lock the deadbolt without telling me. I hadn’t used that thing since I got back from Vegas, so I had to figure out how to get it open.
Last night, we went to dinner to celebrate my sister’s birthday. I thought wwe were going to have Chinese food, but we didn’t, because my sister was worried about lack of food for my niece. I told my sister that we were going to have Chinese food for my birthday then, and she said that was fine. The problem with this restaurant we went to last night, is that it was extremely slow! I think we waited about 45 minutes for the food to get to us, and then my sister made the mistake of ordering hot wings for her boyfriend… yeah, that must have been another half hour, (at least.) It was so slow, that the waitress gave us a free trip through the salad bar, just to give us something to eat while we were waiting on our food to get there.

The bathroom ceiling incident.

Last Sunday, when we went to the river, and to pizza for Fahter’s day, mom came in here to grab me a sweatshirt. She happened to look at the bathroom ceiling, (there would be no reason for her to look at the ceiling above the bathtub… right?) When she came out to the car, her exact words were, “someone needs to tell the landlord that you’re bathroom ceiling is about to fall.” This scared me, I mean like really scared me, she said the sheetrock was split, but didn’t say how big it was. She also said I needed to tell him now, because when it fell, it would be laying in my bathtub, and I wouldn’t be able to shower. I had my caregiver look at the ceiling when she came, and it turns out that yeah, there’s definitely a crack in it, is it going to fall? no, and when the landlord came last night to look at it, he confirmed that. Mom completely overreacted, why she did this other than to scare me into getting it taken care of right away I don’t know, but there was absolutely no reason to say “the ceiling is about to fall.”

Happy birthday to my sister!

Today’s my sister’s birthday. I thought we were going to do the traditional going out to dinner birthday celebration tonight, but we’re doing it on Friday instead. She had a busy weekend preparing her house for extermination on Monday, so she was really tired today. I already have her gift and card ready, as I thought we would be celebrating today.
Interestingly enough, today is also the 20 year anniversary of the O.J Simpson arrest. I remember going to a dance recital for some friends of ours, (they were dancing in the recital,) but we had also gone to a movie earlier night. When we got back, we celebrated my sister’s birthday by having cake. I remember mom explaining the car chase to my friend’s mom, however, I still haven’t seen the whole thing. I watched the preliminary hearing, and almost the whole trial, that was the case that started my interest in legal cases. So yeah, my sister’s birthday is the anniversary of an historic event.

Father’s Day.

Happy Father’s day to anyone reading this who just might be a dad! Today, our family celebrated Father’s day by going to the river, and going out to pizza afterwards. it wasn’t warm enough to get in the water, but we definitely had fun throwing rocks! I wanted to bring my earbuds to record something for Audiomo while we were there, but when mom called me, I had 15 minutes to get ready, so I didn’t really have time to find the earbuds that fit the phone. I just told my family that I’m participating in Audiomo, (and I’m half way through the thing,) and mom asked why I do these kind of things, and I said because they’re fun and interesting.

Dexa scan results.

My doctor’s office called me today to give me my Dexa scan results. When she said they were “normal,” I had to ask her what that meant, then she said “they’re unchanged.” When I again asked her what she meant by that, (I had to tell her that I’ve never had a Dexa scan before,) she said they’re normal for someone my age. This is good because back in 1983, (when I was born,) the doctors told mom that I could have brittle bones, not only that but one of the medications I take is a steroid, and those tend to weaken bones, (of course.) When the first doctor ordered the test, she said that if the results weren’t normal, she’d have to put me on medication for bone density, but since the results came back fine, I don’t have to worry about that.
Today, my caregiver and I made 7 layer bars, which are really good! We made them using this recipe. We modified the recipe a little bit though, we used the whole bag of chocolate and butterscotch chips, oh… yes we did! Blame that one on her… not me! While I had the measuring cup full of chips, layering them on the pan with my hand from end-to-end, (ya know, like you’re supposed to,) she comes and layers them on from the bag. We ended up using 24 ounces of chips on the things, instead of what it called for, but ya know what? Any less than that, and it probably would have needed more.