Today and last night.

Today, I went to a wedding for one of the ladies at Prayer seeker’s CafĂ©. I think the last wedding I’ve been to before this one was 2006. When I asked if I could come to the wedding, I asked if I could get away with not wearing a dress, turns out the lady that … [Read more…]

The bathroom ceiling incident.

Last Sunday, when we went to the river, and to pizza for Fahter’s day, mom came in here to grab me a sweatshirt. She happened to look at the bathroom ceiling, (there would be no reason for her to look at the ceiling above the bathtub… right?) When she came out to the car, her … [Read more…]

Happy birthday to my sister!

Today’s my sister’s birthday. I thought we were going to do the traditional going out to dinner birthday celebration tonight, but we’re doing it on Friday instead. She had a busy weekend preparing her house for extermination on Monday, so she was really tired today. I already have her gift and card ready, as I … [Read more…]

Father’s Day.

Happy Father’s day to anyone reading this who just might be a dad! Today, our family celebrated Father’s day by going to the river, and going out to pizza afterwards. it wasn’t warm enough to get in the water, but we definitely had fun throwing rocks! I wanted to bring my earbuds to record something … [Read more…]

Dexa scan results.

My doctor’s office called me today to give me my Dexa scan results. When she said they were “normal,” I had to ask her what that meant, then she said “they’re unchanged.” When I again asked her what she meant by that, (I had to tell her that I’ve never had a Dexa scan before,) … [Read more…]

I had my Dexa scan today.

I also managed to record it for Audiomo! How I pulled that one off, I’m not sure, but I got to take my phone back into the room, and record the whole test. Including the part where the technician asked about medical conditions and what medications I’m taking, yeah… didn’t really want to record that … [Read more…]

A year ago today…

Today is the anniversary of the report of the first NSA leak. I remember what I was doing when this happened, I was following the Manning trial, (Bradley now known as Chelsey Manning,) reading live tweets of it, (the trial had started that day,) when I decided to look at my home timeline because it … [Read more…]

Today and Audiomo so far.

Today I recorded fried chicken cooking, I’m using an app called Melt, to do 1 minute audio recordings. I’m also using Sndup. Melt is fun, because it’s kind of like Twitter, in that you’re forced to keep it short. Tonight for my longer recording, I talked about my definition of subtweeting, (which is tweting about … [Read more…]

Split curriculum.

We started split curriculum today in Sunday school. I don’t have the document yet, because it hasn’t been emailed to me. This morning, I learned that the kid’s wanted to rush the stage holding signs during the God’s not dead worship song, I didn’t know this beforehand, because it was something that they came up … [Read more…]