Happy birthday to my sister!

Today’s my sister’s birthday. I thought we were going to do the traditional going out to dinner birthday celebration tonight, but we’re doing it on Friday instead. She had a busy weekend preparing her house for extermination on Monday, so she was really tired today. I already have her gift and card ready, as I thought we would be celebrating today.
Interestingly enough, today is also the 20 year anniversary of the O.J Simpson arrest. I remember going to a dance recital for some friends of ours, (they were dancing in the recital,) but we had also gone to a movie earlier night. When we got back, we celebrated my sister’s birthday by having cake. I remember mom explaining the car chase to my friend’s mom, however, I still haven’t seen the whole thing. I watched the preliminary hearing, and almost the whole trial, that was the case that started my interest in legal cases. So yeah, my sister’s birthday is the anniversary of an historic event.

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