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I’m going on a trip.

My family and I are leaving today to go to a waterpark. My aunt is here visiting for a while, so we decided to go on an overnight trip. I’m not sure why we aren’t spending 2 nights, as it is a 4 hour drive each way, but it still should be fun. We’re leaving late this afternoon, and should be back sometime tomorrow. Oh yeah, I fixed my linkblog feed! I had to add some PHP to a couple WordPress files, and make sure all blank lines were removed, but now the feed is working!

Woops, the linkblog feed is broken!

Yeah, it’s been broken for a while. I’m not exactly sure why either, because I’ve installed the same plugins there as I have here, and this feed is still working. It has something to do with blank lines in either the feed files, or the wp-config files, and I’ll have to go into the files and remove the blank lines from them, and add some PHP to fix this error: XML Parsing Error: XML or text declaration not at start of entity
I’m hoping I’ll get this fixed tomorrow, if I don’t, I’ll have to use a service to create an RSS feed and put a widget on the linkblog for RSS subscriptions.

Church in the park.

Today we had church in the park. It was a lot of fun, and we got to worship a lot! After the service was over, we went down to the river for baptisms. There were at least 10 people being baptized, I lost count, and when I tried to ask how many, it seemed that everyone else did too. After the baptisms, we wate lunch, (there was a lot of food, and I had quite a big plate!) After that we stayed and worshiped for a while, and I didn’t get home until around 3. When we were leaving to come home, I had a 20 ounce bottle of water leak in my purse. There wasn’t 20 ounces left in it when it leaked, (probably only about 3-4,) but it leaked all over the inside of my purse, and everything got wet. Yay for cleaning out my purse and throwing away a whole bunch of unnecessary receipts, I guess.

I’m officially waiting for pizza.

OK OK, so you just knew I had to come back and write the traditional pizza post this year… right? Well, this time I got pepperoni and mushroom, along with my traditional order of both breadsticks and Cinnasticks, that I’ve been getting since 2012 because Dominos messed up in 2011 and gave me breadsticks instead of Cinnasticks. I’d just like to say that I hope the call box is working, because I think my caregiver had some problems with it on Thursday, and I don’t particularly want to go down and meet the delivery man again. I had to do this last year, and I think it made me late, but I have this weird fear, (for some strange reason,) that they won’t call me, and they won’t be able to deliver my pizza to me. By the way, I’d just like to mention that I managed to pass 1300 posts on my linkblog today, while I was in the process of posting the 14 links I gathered.

Plans for tomorrow, and ideas for next year.

As we all know, Blogathon would be tomorrow, (as I’ve stuck to the last Saturday in July tradition.) As I wrote in my recap post last year, I’m not doing it this year. What I said in that post was that it would be my last Blogathon at least for a while. Well, maybe it’s because it’s the first year of not doing it after doing it for 5 years, but I kind of miss it, (if you know what I mean.) I didn’t officially take my linkblog through Blogathon last year, but I did end up posting 20 links during the event, so I thought I would try and get close to that tomorrow. I gathered 14 links in a text file for posting tomorrow.
I also have an idea for next year. When the founder of Blogathon first did it, she posted every 15 minutes for 24 hours. I thought I could try this on the linkblog, just as a challenge kind of thing, (that’s exactly why she first did it.) I’d be doing this just to see if I could get to 100 links in 24 hours, (I know 96 would be possible, but somehow I always come up with 50 posts during Blogathon anyway,) and I wouldn’t be doing any fundraising at all. The year after that I might make the challenge harder by seeing if I could get to 200 links in 48 hours, (because I’ve always wanted to try a 48 hour event,) and I might possibly include a fundraising element then, (for a charity of my choice, or I suppose I could have the linkblog readers and my Twitter followers vote on a charity.)

A final exchange with Viddler support.

In a post I wrote in march, I talked about the fact that Viddler would be deleting personal accounts that month. I also said that I archived the email and forgot about it. I said that since I didn’t have a good backup strategy back in 2008 when I uploaded my bungee jumping video to Viddler, I didn’t have a copy of the video, and attempts to download it had failed at the time. On July 22nd, Viddler sent me a final notice for personal account deletion:

Hi ,

This is your final notice.

Viddler will be completing a final delete of all personal accounts on July 31, 2014. You have indicated that you wanted to download your content and not continue service. Please download the content from your Viddler account by July 30, 2014.

If you fail to download your content by July 30, 2014, there will be a minimum $250 USD charge to recover your files.

If you would like to upgrade your account to a Basic account at $25/month, please let us know via email by 6:00pm EDT on July 30 to avoid the $250 recovery charge.

Thank you,

Team Viddler

First of all, I thought my account was gone, because by the time I tried to have my caregiver try to help me complete the download process back in March, I couldn’t log in, this time though, I was able to. I was also able to get to the download process, (unlike last time,) only to discover that Viddler only offers an .flv download of the video, and only keeps the source files for 30 days after the upload. On the page it said that if I needed my source file, (I wasn’t going to download an .flv if I couldn’t play it in anything,) I could fill out this form and pay a fee, so I did. This is the email that I was sent today:

Hi Noelle,

Thanks for your recent interest in Viddler.

I reviewed the information you have provided and the Viddler Starter Plans look like an excellent fit for None.

Plans start at $50 per month and include:

•Video Hosting & Delivery- Upload and deliver your videos across devices.
•Customization- Customize the viewing experience with advanced settings.
•Security & Privacy- Determine how your videos can be viewed.
•Customer Service- Receive live support via Phone and Helpdesk.

This is the email I sent back to Viddler:

So basically, to get my video source file back, (because I didn’t have a good backup strategy in 2008) when I uploaded it to your service and now you sent me a final… final… absolutely flippin final! notice of deletion of personal accounts, I’ll have to pay $50 for a month plan, then cancel the service? Because I don’t have the source file, and I’m not going to download the flash file because as far as I know, nothing plays .flv files besides VLC, and I’ve heard that VLC is basically inaccessible to screen readers. So yeah, I’ve already pretty much accepted that my video has been lost anyway. I can understand paying $10 or $15 to recover the source file, (although it’s just probably sitting on the server somewhere, and you should just be able to send a link so I can download it,) but I’m not going to pay for a business plan if I’m not going to use it. Guess what? I have no plans to use Viddler after this for anything else.

Salad day.

Today my caregiver and I made chef salad, (sort of.) We made it without lettuce, so that it would last longer than 3 days. It’s been a Blogathon tradition, (since 2011,) for me to have chef salad in the days leading up to Blogathon, and order pizza on the day of. I’m not doing Blogathon this year, (as you all know, and as I posted last year,) but I’d still like to keep some of the traditions associated with the weekend intact. Even when I was sick, I was still thinking I would order pizza that weekend, in fact, I’ve been looking forward to it for a while.
In a completely unrelated note, I need to look for a comment spam plugin for WP, or consider using Disqus. Sometimes I get comment notifications, and sometimes I don’t, so I have to check the comments on a fairly regular basis to root out the spam ones. If I had a plugin that would do that for me, it would be nice. You have to pay for Akismet, which is the one that used to come free with every WordPress install, and I don’t particularly want to pay for a comment spam plugin, so I need to find one.

I can eat food now.

This is good because I wasn’t sure how long I was supposed to be on the liquid diet that my primary doctor put me on last Tuesday. I stuck to it for about 3 days before I couldn’t take it anymore, and had cereal Friday morning. Then I ended up having chips and salsa yesterday, because it sounded good! Oh yeah, and I was absolutely fine, I didn’t have to take any antacids or anything.
I went back to church today, and everything went well! Next weekend, we have church in the park. I wasn’t going to come because it’s a potluck and you’re supposed to bring something, (you have to find your name on a list, and wherever your name is, that’s what you have to bring,) but the children’s pastor told me not to worry about bringing anything.

I got sick last weekend.

Starting on Saturday at about 12 in the morning, I had really bad stomach pain, and I was throwing up a lot. I was able to drink some tea that morning, and eat a little something that night, but other than that, I felt pretty bad. I thought it was getting better on Sunday, but I didn’t go to church because I was really tired, and because my stomach still hurt when I sat down and stood up, (which I had the day after I got sick the last time, so I thought it would go away the next day, and eeverything would be OK.) I woke up around 3 in the morning on Monday morning and threw up about 7 times that night. I called mom about 6 that morning.
She asked my dad, (who wasn’t working, to come get me to take me to Urgent Care, I was there for a couple hours. Part of that was waiting, (they’re slow there,) and part of that was them giving me antacids to drink. Some of that time was them trying to find a veign for an IV so they could take blood. I was extremely Dehydrated because I never kept anything down. They ended up sending me to the ER, on the orders of my primary doctor, where they gave me a hundred milligrams of Cortizone, (I usually take 10 every day,) and a bag of IV fluids, (I could have probably used at least 2.) The doctor said my blood tests looked fine, (they were finally able to draw blood there,) and then they sent me home with some prescriptions, (they also gave me Pepcid while I was there, and it seemed to help a lot with the pain.)
I went to my primary doctor yesterday, and he said he thought I had gastritis, which is an inflammation of the stomach lining. He put me on a liquid diet, (but didn’t really say how long I had to stick to it,) so I suppose I’ll stick to it for about a week or so. He told me I had to stop taking my naproxen for headaches, because that was the likely cause of it, he also said I should keep taking the Pepcid for as long as it lasts, (which is a month.)

Last week.

Dad was in the hospital last week with an infection. He went in on Wednesday, and was released today. I finally got all the SSA stuff sorted, turns out they were sending me notices for a reason. Since dad is retiring, I have to apply for something called a disabled adult child benefit, which is kind of like SSDI. It’s based on dad’s earnings over his lifetime though, and it isn’t really considered “government assistance” although I’m still getting checks from the SSA, (I believe.) I ended up having to wait on hold twice, because I got disconnected the dirst time, oh and I was using a landline. Calls just don’t get dropped on landlines, unless the person on the other end accidentally pressed the disconnect button.
I’ve been sick all day today, it started last night. I’m hoping it’s one of those 24 hour flu things, and it will be gone by tomorrow morning, but wow, I didn’t sleep much last night. I’m not sure if I’ll be going to church tomorrow morning, that depends on how I feel.