Church in the park.

Today we had church in the park. It was a lot of fun, and we got to worship a lot! After the service was over, we went down to the river for baptisms. There were at least 10 people being baptized, I lost count, and when I tried to ask how many, it seemed that … [Read more…]

Salad day.

Today my caregiver and I made chef salad, (sort of.) We made it without lettuce, so that it would last longer than 3 days. It’s been a Blogathon tradition, (since 2011,) for me to have chef salad in the days leading up to Blogathon, and order pizza on the day of. I’m not doing Blogathon … [Read more…]

I can eat food now.

This is good because I wasn’t sure how long I was supposed to be on the liquid diet that my primary doctor put me on last Tuesday. I stuck to it for about 3 days before I couldn’t take it anymore, and had cereal Friday morning. Then I ended up having chips and salsa yesterday, … [Read more…]

I got sick last weekend.

Starting on Saturday at about 12 in the morning, I had really bad stomach pain, and I was throwing up a lot. I was able to drink some tea that morning, and eat a little something that night, but other than that, I felt pretty bad. I thought it was getting better on Sunday, but … [Read more…]

Last week.

Dad was in the hospital last week with an infection. He went in on Wednesday, and was released today. I finally got all the SSA stuff sorted, turns out they were sending me notices for a reason. Since dad is retiring, I have to apply for something called a disabled adult child benefit, which is … [Read more…]

Last weekend.

Yesterday was our family service at church, we do this every couple years. It’s a service where the pastor takes clips from a Disney movie, and applies biblical principles to it. In this case, the movie was Tangled, which was one I hadn’t seen, (I haven’t watched a lot of recent Disney movies, and by … [Read more…]

Happy 4th of july!

I just want to wish those celebrating a happy 4th of July! I’m posting this before I go over to my parent’s house for a barbecue, and then go watch the fireworks later tonight. I wasn’t sure what time I’d be back, so I decided to write a quick post now.

SSA woes!

I got a letter in the mail today from the SSA, saying that they talked to me on 4/4 about eligibility for benefits. The problem is, I already get SSI benefits, and they didn’t call me on 4/4, (I think I would remember if I got a call from the SSA!) I ended up calling … [Read more…]